Tutoring with TheTalkList

For students in your department who are seeking paid teaching experience or might just want some fun, part-time work, please see below:

Tutoring with TheTalkList is a great way for college students to earn money and gain teaching experience from the comfort of their home computers – all while interacting with diversity of international students!  TheTalkList is a social e-learning website that creates a platform for virtual face to face English language tutoring sessions with a focus on conversational English for overseas students seeking to improve their speaking fluency in English by engaging in creative everyday discussion.

Below are some benefits of students who join TheTalkList team of tutors:

·         They choose their own rates and book their own appointments.

·         Everything from initial contact to payment is done on a single, easy-to-use website!

·         Since natural conversation is the focus, so there is no rigorous lesson planning involved.

·         TheTalkList staff is available to assist tutors in finding students, offering tips on tutoring and helping improve the online profiles of tutors.

Attached is a flyer to post visibly in your department to inform students of this unique teaching opportunity.  We’re counting on you to reach out to students because we feel your direct access to a wide range of candidates is an ideal source for the type of high quality tutors we need!

Students, faculty and staff members are free to contact me at anytime by email or phone to discuss options further.  Thank you for spreading the word!!




Reem Hazboun

Tutor Coordinator


“Your Social e-Learning Network.”

Mobile: 619.346.5149

Email: rhazboun@thetalklist.com

Website: http://www.thetalklist.com