Symposium about Language and Society

The Symposium about Language and Society at the University of Texas at Austin is taking place this Friday and Saturday, April 17 and 18.

The conference program is attached.  Student registration is $25.  You can go to the following link to register:


Language and Borders

April 17-18, 2015

University of Texas at Austin

SALSA is an annual symposium promoting linguistic and sociolinguistic research at the University of Texas at Austin. Originally created through the joint efforts of students from the Linguistic and Anthropology Departments at the University of Texas, SALSA has developed into an interdisciplinary conference with contributions from various fields, including communication studies, foreign language education, educational psychology, media studies, speech communication, and numerous language departments. Our annual proceedings appear in special editions of Texas Linguistic Forum.

This year’s theme is Language and Borders. Language is intimately connected with human existence, and as such, is found at the borders of all areas of human interaction, and even at the borders of what it means to be human. What sorts of borders exist among people, places and institutions? What are the forces and ideological underpinnings that shape and sustain the existence of such borders? How is language related to the bounds of human endeavor? What defines the boundaries of language itself? SALSA XXIII will explore these questions from a variety of viewpoints.

This year’s presenters will be:

Salikoko S. Mufwene

University of Chicago

Robin Queen

University of Michigan

David Quinto-Pozos

University of Texas at Austin

Anthony C. Woodbury

University of Texas at Austin

Looking forward to seeing you there!

SALSA XXIII Organizing Committee,

Eric Adell, Laura Faircloth, and Deina Rabie