CATTt Applied to Gaze – III

Gone Girl movie


In Gaze, the theory that the video based on is Laura Mulvey’s “male gaze”. Her theory is based on film, mine is on entertainment industry and indirectly on life. Although my inspiration was the novel based film Gone Girl, I took the script from book itself. Script in the film was an analogy in itself because it was criticizing the Hollywood industry which Gone Girl movie was also very much depending on. But I tried link it with daily life rather than turning the video to a film analysis. So for the video the gaze was everywhere in our daily life. It was satiric of course but at the same time very real. We were as young women expected to be the cool girl.


My target was an audience instead of an institution. Video talks to young women aged 15-30 because of its content that is from the popular culture.


Tale would be the video medium itself since the Mulvey’s theory was based on feature-length film that would be watched in a movie theatre. Whereas video is for digital platform be it mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

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