New Design Thinking Framework

Ajinkya phase 2


Image of the world

I envision a product that breaks away from people’s conventional notion of just reading time and rather helps them connect & understand it.

I believe that creativity and innovation lies in looking at something from a different perspective. To address our current global issues, we need to step back & relook at the problems in an unconventional way, validate them from different lenses

This project is about helping people understand the importance of time. In the rapidly developing world around us, it is an entity that is not controlled by us. If we look at time from biological lens, we realise that important it is for people to connect and align their body clocks with natural time to lead a healthy and sustainable life.



The objective of the project is help people connect with their body clock. The project address the issue about body’s “biological clock” or circadian rhythm and how it gets affected by Sunlight. Sunlight is the primary source of energy for our planet, without which nothing would exist, it is the governing power which keeps our systems in check. The light helps our body realise whether it is time to rest or eat or work. But most of the people work in closed offices with white light where they lose the perception of natural time and it may have adverse effects on their health.


Opportunities & Challenges

Challenge here is how do we help address this simple yet crucial issue with an effective yet simple feasible design solution. People do not choose to work in an atmosphere where they are deprived of natural light. There are multiple socioeconomic conditions here that we need to consider. These conditions become design constraints that define the product.



My vision of the world is of people leading healthy life. A world where people are better connected with nature and their body. The solution of this problem would help people stay in sync with their circadian rhythm. The time is the most important thing that drives our ecosystem. Not only it’s a most valuable unit and currency, it is also a 4th dimension in our world.


I envision a solution that takes form of a physical device that sits in the same space with user. Which is soothing & comforting for the user and does feel out of place. Since the product is going to be source of light, its ability to emit light would direct the way form would shape up. How to make it emit maximum light at the same time preserving the uniqueness of the concept.


My thoughts

While modifying this framework, I realised that how changing a single component can yield a different result. I started with image of the world and as I moved across the circle, I realised myself on an entirely different journey in the same domain. More I think about it, it makes me realise how different paths can boil down to totally diverse design projects


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