Final Presentation Reflection

The initial proposal sought to explore how user research could improve the service experience and increase usage, but this didn’t go far enough. What I found throughout the process of applying CATTt and the Design Thinking Framework was that it would be helpful (and even necessary) to explore Austin’s unique capacity for sustaining this type of service. This is a question that the city would need an answer even before the service could be implemented.

Given these constraints, I came up with a modified objective for the new proposal.

New Objective

“This research proposal seeks to understand Austin’s capacity for embracing and sustaining a commuter-based carpooling service supported by local financial incentives.”


The goal of understanding Austin’s capacity for embracing this type of service before it was implemented would be to understand whether it was the “right” service to offer in the first place. That is, without the necessary users and interest in the service, did it have any chance of survival or, as might be the case, did the city require a custom solution that catered to it’s unique population and needs?

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