Reflection on Crochet


Free-form crochet and invention. I initially didn’t put these two concepts together, and instead only focused on designing a structural process to generate something that looked organic. I had researched a few free-form crocheters and analyzed their work to see what elements were the most used in free-form work. This initial focus was helpful for me since it introduced me to the world of free-form crochet, a world I had never entered, and gave me the foundation necessary to expand the project.

This semester I changed my focus to be on inventing within a structure. I focused on the questions of how to communicate the grammar to other crocheters and how they could use it to design their own patterns and invent their own free-form pieces. The initial focus of making something organic from a computational structure kept creeping in as I sought to test out those questions; it led me to looking at artificial intelligence and how we design computers to imitate us humans.

Now, with some research frameworks and few rough tests under my belt, I can keep refining my grammar and interacting with more crocheters. I’ll see how they design their patterns and how they approach free-form crochet. I’ll probably change the grammar a bit to fit it into their creative process. Maybe I’ll even develop a free-form crochet machine. Either way, I’ll continue using workshops and other interactions to understand how invention in design happens.

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