On Final Presentation

When I used CATTt and Design Thinking Framework for the new project, I changed almost everything except the concept of addressing gender inequality. I changed my theory from a feminist film theory to sociological one, limited my audience to a more specific group, changed my medium to an interactive one. However I lacked the practice and background information to create that project. So I went back to where I started and thought about what I know and how can I analyze or critique that.

At that point I decided to start from myself. After all self is the first step to start a change. So when I thought about it, I remembered my own struggle and dilemma with the gender roles that I expect me and the opposite side to fulfill. Although they were not the main forces that causes sexual violence, they were part of it.

I started making a list, “My List of Gender Roles”. I realized that although I believed in gender equality my expectations were on the opposite side. I expected a man to be stronger and wiser than me. To get it out there for other people to think about it too, I decided making GIFs , a medium that is easy to spread and fun at the same time. Sometimes the fun element triggers more than a deductive medium. I wanted to use it as an opportunity.

After this project what I have to decide is to which way I will take. Do I want to go deeper to the more serious, harmful part of gender inequality and sexual violence or do I want to continue from the starting point of this project, dealing with the daily problems of our lives which on the surface does not seem like serious problems but they cultivate the patriarchy one way or another. I guess the semester break is a good opportunity to think about it!

Link to the project: https://www.behance.net/gallery/45805223/My-List-of-Gender-Roles


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