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On Circle’s perfection / Whittle, Turn, Cast, Print.

There is a french artist called Fabienne Verdier. She lived in China for many years. She arrived at the age of 22 for some months, and stayed a decade.  When she returned to France after living in China for one third of her life, she had to find a way to reconcile opposite points of the compass, making them both a part of her so that she could create. I just remember her work and the connection it has to our path through perfect spheres. The circle is both the perfection, but when broken –when not perfect, when unclosed– it is also the beginning of chaos. We are not drawing circles to meditate, just as it was a mandala. However, I’m pretty sure that whittling and talking is somehow part find meaning through the act of making an object with our hands, and just having conversations around it can lead to better understandings. I’m thinking that all our imperfect results are all about meditation and, why not, the beginning of chaos.

Spherical shapes: on maps, perfection, the moon, the Earth and north notion – Casting

IMG_0735 IMG_0734

Since my sphere was defective/incomplete I’ve been thinking of large spherical shapes. My imperfect sphere may seem a sphere or not, depending on how you look at it. Like the moon, -but the moon is never actually incomplete, only the distance and position which does not allow us to see it whole.

We also happen to live, all the time and throughout all our lives in a sphere.

This brings me to a little comparison with something I read recently about why the north is located above. Apparently, It has not always been like that. In ancient Egypt the top was placed on the east, because there was where the sun came out. In the maps made by Christians in the same era (called world maps) the East was placed at the top, pointing to the Garden of Eden, with Jerusalem in the center. The reason why the north began to be the reference has to do with explorers like Christopher Columbus, who sailed taking as guide the North Star.

To illustrate how far this north-in-the-top thing has come, we have the famous photo taken by a NASA astronaut in 1973. The Earth is seen above the south because it was taken while a lap around the planet. NASA decided to flip it to avoid confusing people.

The photo on the right is my incomplete sphere. Both the moon and the Earth 🙂