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design thinking framework- passport redesign


I started with Form. This project is about to redesign Taiwan’s passport.



Then I go with Vision. My ideal was to create the passport that can represent Taiwan’s spirit, and introduce Taiwan to the world.



And then I go with objective. My goal was to find the symbol that can convey Taiwan’s culture. So my team member and I started to collect a lot of objects that relate to ‘TAIWAN”, and also interview with some people to understand what people think about this topic. I hope that we can find the symbol that close to most Taiwanese people’s imagination.


My thoughts:

After using this framework to look back to my old project, I realized that it helps me to organize the whole process, such as what am I doing now and what can I do next. It is really useful.

designly way of knowing

After reading this article and talked with Kate, I have some new opinion on design (especially graphic design).

Many people argued that what is the difference between Graphic design and fine art. To me, Design is the way of thinking, rather than the way of presenting. Being a graphic designer, every case has different target audience, you need to find a proper way to communicate with them, and construct the information in the way that can be understood by target audience. However, being an artist, the important thing is to convey your idea in your own way. And in most time, your target audience is the same group (people who are interested in art).

In addition, it is not proper to use science or humanity’s perspective to do design. Because each field facing with different kinds of problem, therefore, each field has their own way to solve problem. For example, the article says that the way science use to solve problem is problem-focus, but designer is solution-focus.

Moreover, I agree with the conclusion that design is a discipline, and become more clearly about what design do and the way designer think. So next time when I start a new project, I can be more confident that what is my profession, and how to use my profession to cooperate with people from other backgrounds.

work in progress


I have rarely experience making 3D things by hand, I mean I usually do book binding or printing by hand, but not in wood. Making 3D object like this is new experience to me. Before I start whittling, I think it is just to cut of all angles, than the cube will turn into sphere. The imagination in my mind is that like using AI’s tool to let angles disappear, than that come into a sphere. However, when I start whittling the cube, I realized that it is totally not what I imaged.

One thing that I was not considering about is “texture”. Each angle has different “texture”, some of them are really easy to whittle, and some of them are hard to do so. Therefore, it is difficult to make all ankles look the same. And if they all look different, it is not like a sphere! So I realize that I need to observe the texture carefully, and try to understand deeply about this cube.

It is interesting. After reflect my whittling process, I found that the way I thinking is always using the perspective from graphic design. I am used to thinking things in 2D. And I start thinking that if I use some 3D concept into graphic design might let me found the new way to express my ideas.

I’ll keep working with my cube, and looking forward to see what else I can learn during this process.