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CATTt Post-rationalization – Free-form Crochet

Here’s the final manifestation of the CATTt framework on my free-form crochet project.


I’m working against the culture of “reinvention” and “reapplication”, because it can stifle the invention of truly new products. Instead, I’m focusing on encouraging invention among designers


I’m using the analogy of how jazz is played. Jazz players use similar chords and notes, but rely on improvisation to create new tunes, so that no score is the same. They continually invent based on a set framework.


Isaac Newton once said in 1676, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” It’s widely accepted that invention doesn’t happen in a vacuum and is preceded by either a framework or the work of another person.


For this free-form crochet project, I’m targeting advanced beginner crocheters who probably have not yet designed their own pattern and have mostly followed given patterns. I want to challenge them to invent their own piece.


The tale will be told through a workshop (or two). I’ll teach the crocheters this method and see how they use it. Hopefully it will give them the space to invent in their own projects.