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A Different Framework on Crochet


There are several forms that this project uses, the most obvious of which is the final crocheted piece. The current medium being used is yarn, but what if I were to change it to paint? Or fabric? Or a collage? The grammar would still hold, I think, in almost any artistic capacity just by changing the meaning of the symbols and their relations. Could it be applied to something non-artistic? I think the reigning metaphor of creating chaos from order may make it difficult to apply this method to, say, medicine. But I think the concept of working within a framework to invent can still be used.

There are also the forms of how the grammar is presented to others. It includes the booklet, my explanation, any physical examples I include. I chose those ways to relay the information because I thought they would be easiest to understand the whole process. But what if I changed or removed one of those ways? It may hinder or help the understanding. I could form the presentation as a video or animation or app. It could be an essay/article for publication (and I do plan to publish the findings from this project at some point, or at least write a paper on it).


The objective is to create a free-form-looking crochet piece from a set algorithm


The vision behind this project was to put the human in the role of a computer. We have the ability to program computers and robots etc. to do what we want, but can we also program the human? This leads to the next part…


Humans naturally look for patterns in the world, even if something is random. Even the “random” code that we generate is only pseudorandom with a pattern that can eventually be predicted. But the awesome thing is, we humans can be quite unpredictable. We can work with a pattern and generate something predictable, but we have the ability to drift beyond that pattern, to break the rules and maybe invent something new.

I can give someone the grammar and they can generate a crochet pattern, but the way they interpret and fabricate it is beyond my control. Then can there be invention.


In the discipline of design (as well as others), there are several rules that we are taught as beginners. Often, we feel that we need to follow these rules for our projects, but if we want to be creative, we sometimes need to break those rules and find something new. A new application, a new method, a new audience.