UT Drupal Kit

February 2023 Update – UT Drupal Kit’s Roadmap to Drupal 10

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Rollout of Drupal 10 to the UT Drupal Kit is still scheduled to be complete by the May 2023 maintenance release.
  • Owners of customized UTDK sites have specific responsibilities to ensure that their sites will be ready for the transitions to PHP 8, CKEditor 5, and Drupal 10.
  • The PHP 8 transition has been pushed up to the March 2023 maintenance release.

This post is a follow-up to the November 2022 post UT Drupal Kit’s Roadmap to Drupal 10. Please read that post first for the complete background on Drupal 10 and ITS’ planned roadmap for updating the UT Drupal Kit.

Here is an updated overview of the high-level roadmap through the eventual update to Drupal 10, followed by more detailed discussion of each step.

Date UTDK version Planned change
COMPLETE – November 2022 3.9.0 Update Drupal Core to 9.4
COMPLETE – January 2023 3.10.0 Update Drupal Core to 9.5
March 2023 3.11.0 NEW – Update to PHP 8
Update CKEditor to version 5
May 2023 3.12.0 Update Drupal Core to 10.x