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February 2023 Update – UT Drupal Kit’s Roadmap to Drupal 10

Summary (TL;DR)

  • Rollout of Drupal 10 to the UT Drupal Kit is still scheduled to be complete by the May 2023 maintenance release.
  • Owners of customized UTDK sites have specific responsibilities to ensure that their sites will be ready for the transitions to PHP 8, CKEditor 5, and Drupal 10.
  • The PHP 8 transition has been pushed up to the March 2023 maintenance release.

This post is a follow-up to the November 2022 post UT Drupal Kit’s Roadmap to Drupal 10. Please read that post first for the complete background on Drupal 10 and ITS’ planned roadmap for updating the UT Drupal Kit.

Here is an updated overview of the high-level roadmap through the eventual update to Drupal 10, followed by more detailed discussion of each step.

Date UTDK version Planned change
COMPLETE – November 2022 3.9.0 Update Drupal Core to 9.4
COMPLETE – January 2023 3.10.0 Update Drupal Core to 9.5
March 2023 3.11.0 NEW – Update to PHP 8
Update CKEditor to version 5
May 2023 3.12.0 Update Drupal Core to 10.x

3.11.0 Release – CKEditor 5 and PHP 8

As discussed in the previous post, UTDK 3.11.0 will update all sites to use CKEditor 5 as the default editor for the Basic HTML, Flex HTML, and Full HTML text formats. These UTDK-provided text formats will effectively be reset to their default configuration.

UTDK 3 site owners who have created additional text formats, or added to or otherwise modified their CKEditor configurations in any way, should contact ITS for a consultation on how to address these customizations in the context of CKEditor 5.

The original roadmap called for updating the default version of PHP used by the UT Drupal Kit’s custom upstream on Pantheon from PHP 7.4 to PHP 8.1 simultaneously with the update to Drupal 10 in the 3.12.0 release. In order to ensure that sites will have a smooth transition to Drupal 10, we are now going to change the default PHP version to 8.1 as part of the 3.11.0 release in March.

Pantheon-hosted sites which cannot be updated to PHP 8.1 along with the March release due to incompatible custom or contrib code can temporarily override the upstream-defined PHP version to PHP 7.4 via the site’s pantheon.yml file. This override can be put in place at any time prior to the 3.11.0 release, but must be removed before updating to Drupal 10. See Pantheon documentation for more information on overriding the upstream PHP version.

Summary of required site owner actions for the 3.11.0 release:

  • Audit sites for custom text formats or customized CKEditor configurations. If found, contact ITS as soon as possible to consult on updating these features to work with CKEditor 5
  • Check all custom code for compatibility with PHP 8
  • Confirm that extra contrib modules added to sites are updated to versions compatible with PHP 8 (Note: Any module version which declares compatibility with Drupal 10 should already be compatible with PHP 8.1)

3.12.0 Release – Drupal 10

The UTDK 3.12.0 release in May 2023 will include the update to the latest version of Drupal 10. All sites must move to Drupal 10 in order to update to this release. Prior to this date, all contrib and custom code used with Drupal 10 should be reviewed for compatibility with Drupal 10’s underlying requirements.

The UTDK team is continuing the process of making compatibility changes in our custom code and in the contrib modules maintained by UT Austin. Follow along with our work by tracking the status of issues labeled with d10:initiative in our GitHub repositories. We have also contributed work to several contrib modules used as part of the Kit to help accelerate their Drupal 10 compatibility.

UTDK 3 site owners with custom code or additional contrib modules can use the Upgrade Status module to get an estimate of the work needed to make them compatible with Drupal 10. The plan provided by Upgrade Status module will tell you where to use drupal-rector to update your own custom code and where to help contributed projects update their code.

How to get assistance

The UTDK team is available for consultations on CKEditor 5, PHP 8, and Drupal 10 compatibility. To start a conversation, email to open a ticket in ServiceNow, or attend an Office Hours session.

By Paul Grotevant

Paul Grotevant is the Senior IT Manager of Web Content Management Solutions for Information Technology Services at the University of Texas at Austin.