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Disruption to UT Drupal Kit Twitter feed functionality

As previously reported in the post “Potential disruption to UT Drupal Kit’s Twitter feed functionality,” planned changes to the Twitter API (application programming interface) were anticipated to break the current implementation included in the UT Drupal Kit for embedding Twitter timelines into pages.

As of May 22, 2023, this change appears to have gone into effect (without prior announcement of a specific date), and the Twitter component included in the UT Drupal Kit is no longer working. Existing Twitter blocks on pages will simply show with the title of the block, but no Tweets below it.

At this time, we do not plan to replace the Twitter Feed component, but encourage the use of Twitter Publish as a substitute. This is a free, simple interface for users to create embeddable Twitter feeds that could be placed on any site by copying the <iframe>  code generated from to a block using the “Full HTML” text format.

This option works independently of the UTDK Twitter Feed component, does not require creating a Twitter developer account, and is available today for site owners to use. For examples of advanced options such as limiting the number of Tweets displayed, please see the Timelines documentation on

Feedback from several UT Drupal Kit customers has been that Twitter Publish is easy to use, and the appearance of the resulting Twitter feeds is actually superior to that of the native Drupal component.

If you have additional questions about the Twitter Feed component and these changes, please open a support ticket by emailing

By Paul Grotevant

Paul Grotevant is the Senior IT Manager of Web Content Management Solutions for Information Technology Services at the University of Texas at Austin.