2019 Poster Abstracts

Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

1Marc Eitnermarceitner@utexas.eduMaster's
Operational Modal Analysis of a Thin-Walled Rocket Nozzle using Phase-Based Image Processing and Complexity Pursuit
2Palash Jainpaljain@utexas.eduPh.D.
An Improved Dynamic Inflow Model for Variable Speed Rotors and Wind Turbines
3Shinhoo Kangsh.kang@utexas.eduPh.D.
Discretely Stable High-order Discontinuous Galerkin methods for Large-scale Computational Fluid Dynamics
4Yunho Kimykim96@utexas.eduPh.D.
Modeling of microwave surface plasmas on the meta-surface at atmospheric pressure
5Tejas Kulkarnitukulkarni@utexas.eduPh.D.
Scaling of burning rates in turbulent premixed flames
7Patrick Mortimerpmortimer1@utexas.eduMaster's
Coaxial Rotor Wake Measurements in Hover Using Phase-Resolved and Time-Resolved PIV
8Sriramkrishnan Muralikrishnansriramkrishnan@utexas.eduPh.D.
Fast and Scalable solvers for hybridized discontinuous Galerkin methods with application to magnetohydrodynamics
9Scott Staniewiczscott.stanie@utexas.eduPh.D.
Automatic Detection of InSAR Deformation Signals Associated with Wastewater Injection and Induced Seismic Events
10Liu Wangleo1993@utexas.eduPh.D.
Crater-enabled Dry Adhesion
11Chenglin Yangyclin19@utexas.eduPh.D.
Multiaxial Crushing of Open Cell Foams
12Yalin Yuyalinyu19@utexas.eduPh.D.
Theoretical and Numerical Study on Poroelastic Fracture Behavior of Polymer Gels

Biomedical Engineering

14Yuan-I Chenyuanichen@utexas.eduPh.D.
Studying the biophysical properties of biomolecules in live cells using a time-resolved 3D single-molecule tracking technique
15Manasa Gaddemgadde@utxas.eduPh.D.
Development of 3D Lymphatic and Vascular Microfluidic Breast Tumor Platforms
16Kaitlyn Johnsonk.john@utexas.eduPh.D.
A combined experimental and computational framework for investigating alternate tumor growth dynamics at low cell densities relevant to tumor initiation and metastases
17Marissa Wechslermarissa.wechsler@gmail.comPh.D.
Optical sensing of dry-eye biomarkers using hydrogel-coated gold nanoshells
18Chi Zhaochi.zhao@utexas.eduPh.D.
Direct Cytosolic Delivery of Macromolecules via Connectosomes

Chemical Engineering

19Gabriela Avelargavelarb@utexas.eduPh.D.
Understanding the impact of water on CO2 capture by AHA ionic liquids
20Gang Fangangfan@utexas.eduPh.D.
Shewanella oneidensis as a Living Electrode for Controlled Radical Polymerization
21Juan C Gonzalez Riverajc.gonzalez@utexas.eduPh.D.
Tracking RNA damage in lung cells to understand early health effects of air pollution
22Sungyeon Heogarim33@gmail.comPh.D.
Designing Tunable "On and Off" Electrochromic Bragg Stacks from Doped Semiconductor Nanocrystals
23Taizhi Jiangtzjiang@utexas.eduPh.D.
Hydrogen content affects the mechanical properties of a-Si:H particles: a nanoindentation study
24Fernando Lejarzalejarza@utexas.eduPh.D.
Rolling-horizon optimization of temperature sensitive supply chain
25Jianyu Lilee_cheme@utexas.eduPh.D.
Mediated Interphase for High Energy-Density Li-ion Batteries
26Michael Lucasmlucas2@utexas.eduPh.D.
Influence of Zeolite Y on Amyloid-Beta Nucleation
27Liu Luoluoliu@utexas.eduPh.D.
Innovative Strategies for High-Power, Long-Life Lithium-Sulfur Batteries
28Melanie Merrickmelanie.merrick@utexas.eduPh.D.
High temperature gas separation properties of sub-micron polybenzimidazole membranes
29Kevin Reedkevin.reed@utexas.eduPh.D.
Improving Ionic Liquid Tolerance in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Through Heterologous Expression and Directed Evolution of the ILT1 Homolog from Yarrowia lipolytica
30Camila Saez Cabezascsaez@utexas.eduPh.D.
Aqueous Processing of Polymer-Coated Tin-Doped Indium Oxide (ITO) Nanocrystals as Electrochromic Thin Films
31Tushti Shahtushti_shah@utexas.eduPh.D.
Synthesis, Structure and Stability of Siloxene Nanosheets
32Mark Shermanmark.sherman@utexas.eduPh.D.
Identification and Optimization of Promoter Sequences for Genetic Engineering of the Extremophile, Deinococcus radioduransCell and Molecular Biology
33Timothy Sieglertsiegler@utexas.eduPh.D.
Perovskite Alloys and Metal Halides at the Interface: Crystallographic Orientation and Environmental Degradation
34Samanta Rituparnarituparna@utexas.eduPh.D.
Physics of Nanoparticle and Polyelectrolyte Complexes

Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering

35Sanjida Ahsansanjida.ahsan@utexas.eduPh.D.
Chemical surface modification of waste tire rubber for cement composite use
36Vassiliki Demetracopoulouvdem@utexas.eduMaster's
Lessons Learned for the selection process of alternative delivery systems in transportation projects
37Julie Faurejulie.faure@utexas.eduPh.D.
Exogenous Human-Infrastructure Interactions: The Operational Effects of Gentrification on Water Networks
38Shahzad Ganishahzadgani@utexas.eduPh.D.
Submicron aerosol composition in the world's most polluted megacity: The Delhi Aerosol Supersite campaign
39Rivkah Gardner-Frolickrgardnerfrolick@utexas.eduMaster's
Data Requirements for Mapping Long-Term Air Pollution with Short-Term Measurements
40George Gexmge@utexas.eduPh.D.
The Strength of Rotary-Straightened Steel Columns
41Ramez Hajjrhajj@utexas.eduPh.D.
Multiscale Finite Element Analysis of Asphalt Binder State of Stress
42Farid Khosravikiafarid.khosravikia@utexas.eduPh.D.
Seismic Risk-Based Assessment of Texas Bridge Networks
43Chirag Kotharichiragkothari@utexas.eduPh.D.
Integrating Social Equity In Highway Maintenance And Rehabilitation Programming
44Taehoon Limthlim03@utexas.eduPh.D.
Prioritizing Pavement Maintenance and Rehabilitation Projects Considering Topological Importance of Highways
45Jinsong Liujinsongliu@utexas.eduPh.D.
On the Performance and Reliability of an Integrated 10 MW Floating Wind Semisubmersible
46Raul Olveraraulolvera@utexas.eduMaster's
Long-term Oil Well Zonal Isolation Control Using Geopolymers: An Analysis of Shrinkage Behavior
47Farzana Rahmanfarzana.rahman@utexas.eduMaster's
Laboratory framework for understanding mixture formulation for 3D printed cementitious materials
48Savitha Srinivasanssavithasagari@utexas.eduPh.D.
Effects of Microcracking on the Strength and Durability Properties of Pre-Stressed Concrete

Electrical and Computer Engineering

49Ying-Chen Chenyingchenchen@utexas.eduPh.D.
Selector-Less Resistive Random Access Memory (RRAM) with Intrinsic Nonlinearity for Crossbar Array Applications
50Hyoyoung Jeonghyoyoungj@utexas.eduPh.D.
Modular and Reconfigurable Wireless E-Tattoo Platform for Mobile Physiological Sensing
51Pranav Kumarpranavkumar@utexas.eduMaster's
Detecting Side-channel Attacks in Software and Hardware
52Nitin Jonathan Myersnitinjmyers@utexas.eduPh.D.
Swift-Link : Rapid and robust mmWave link configuration with provable guarantees
53Neyyadupakkam Sundarasekaranngsundar@utexas.eduMaster's
Control Flow Graph For Java
54Snehil Vermasnehilv@utexas.eduMaster's
DFCM++: Augmenting DFCM with Early Update and Data Dependence-driven Value Estimation
56Qinzhe Wuqw2699@utexas.eduPh.D.
Graph Placement Optimization on a Heterogeneous Memory System

Mechanical Engineering

58Arkasama Bandyopadhyayarkasama@utexas.eduPh.D.
Combined potential of demand response and distributed energy resources for peak load reduction in the residential sector
59Lydia Broughlydia.brough@utexas.eduPh.D.
Muscle Contributions to Late-Braking Impulse in Post-Stroke Gait: A Simulation Study
60Erik Chengchenge@utexas.eduPh.D.
Adsorbate-induced Enhancement of Atomic Layer Etching of Silicon Nitride with Methyl Fluoride
61Paria Esmatloop.esmatloo@utexas.eduPh.D.
Towards Achieving Human-like Grasping and Manipulation in Assisted Grasps Through Accurate System Modeling
64Ajinkya Jainajinkya@utexas.eduPh.D.
Efficient Hierarchical Robot Motion Planning Under Uncertainty and Hybrid Dynamics
65Aparna Jayarajanjaparna@utexas.eduMaster's
Novel Technology for Improved Efficacy of IUDs Placed during the Post-partum Period
66Erick Joneserick.jones@utexas.eduPh.D.
The role of Shared Autonomous Vehicles in Climate Change Mitigation
67Aritra Karakar@utexas.eduPh.D.
Waste gas-based desalination in US Shale Fields
68AJ Lawrenceajlawrence@utexas.eduMaster's
Effective Acoustic Parameter Extraction in Willis Metamaterials
69Manoj lokanathanmanoj.l@utexas.eduPh.D.
Comparing electrowettability and surfactants as tools for wettability alteration
70Jeremiah McCallistermccallisterj@utexas.eduPh.D.
Influence of Impact Velocity on Films Deposited by High Speed Aerosol Deposition of Ag
71Jason Mehtajnmehta@utexas.eduPh.D.
Augmenting convection-enhanced delivery with continuous needle retraction
72Sanjay Nandasnanda@utexas.eduPh.D.
The Role of Lithium Anode in Sulfur Batteries Elucidated with an Anode-Free Li2S Full Cell
73Alican Ozkanalicanozkan@utexas.eduPh.D.
Healthy and Tumorigenic Liver-on-a-chips for Toxicology and Chemotherapeutic Testing
74Samuel Potterstpotter@utexas.eduPh.D.
Simultaneous 2D Strain and Structural Analysis of Collagenous Tissues Using Polarized Spatial Frequency Domain Imaging
75Douglas Sassamandoug.sassaman@utexas.eduPh.D.
Metaporous Structures Produced by Selective Laser Sintering
76Ty Templinty.templin@gmail.comMaster's
Metabolic Cost and Knee Joint Loading During Load Carriage By Individuals With Below-Knee Amputation
78Shelby Walfordshelbywalford@utexas.eduPh.D.
The Influence of Recovery Hand Pattern on Shoulder Joint Forces in Manual Wheelchair Users

Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering

79Abhishek Bihaniabhishekdbihani@gmail.comPh.D.
Investigating Capillary Pressure Behavior in Mudrocks through Grain Scale Modeling
80Mehran Mehrabimehran-mehrabi@utexas.eduPh.D.
Wave Length Parametrization of the Solution of a Class of Riemann Problems with Application in Modeling Multi-Phase Flow in Porous Media
82Pooneh Hosseininoosheripoonehhosseini@utexas.eduPh.D.
Classical Mechanics in the Prediction of CO 2 Plume Migrationin Sloping Aquifers
83Shivam Agrawalsagrawal@utexas.eduPh.D.
Effect of Shear Slippage on the Interaction of Hydraulic Fractures with Natural Fractures