Previous Post-Doctoral Fellows
And Visiting Scientists:


Name Position Dates Current Employment
Dr. Daechan Park  Postdoctoral Fellow  Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)
Jonathan Huang Research Technician      B.Sc. Wash. U., Physics 09/15-05/16
Ellen Murrin Research Technician               B.Sc. Cornell U., Bioengineering 10/11-06/15 M.D. Student,     U. N. Texas      Dallas, TX
Megan Wirth Research Technician      B.Sc. U.C. Carolina, Biology 05/12-12/15 Marketing Associate, Sartorius AG
Dr. Yariv Wine Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D. Tel-Aviv University, Israel 09/10-08/14 Asst. Professor, Dept. of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
Dr. Takaashi Kojima Visiting Scientist Ph.D. Nagoya Univerity, Japan 03/12-09/12 Asst. Professor, Biotechnology, Nagoya Univ., Japan
Christos Karamitros Exchange Student M.S. Agricultural U. of Athens, Greece 06/12-09/12 Ph.D. Candidate, U. Gottingen, Germany
Dr. Sang Taek Jung Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., UT Austin 05/11-08/12 Asst. Professor, Kookmin Univ. Bioengineering, S. Korea
Dr. Tae Hyun Yoo Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Cal Tech 05/08-07/11 Asst. Professor, Ajou Univ. Applied & Biological Chemistry
Dr. Sai Reddy Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Biomedical Engineering, EPFL, Switzerland 11/08-06/10 Asst. Professor, ETH, Zurich
Dr. Supriya Pai Research Associate Ph.D. Microbiology, UT Austin 05/10-11/11 Associate, SAI Medical Partners, Philadelphia, PA
Dr. Marsha Lewis Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Molecular Biology, UT Austin 05/10-05/11 Instructor, School of Biological Sciences, UT Austin
Dr. Mridula Rani Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D.,Molecular Biology, UT Austin 01/10-05/11 Scientist, Theranos, Palo Alto, CA
Dr. Xin Ge Research Associate Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, McMaster Univ., Canada 09/08-06/10 Asst. Professor, UC Riverside, Chemical Engineering
Dr. Seung Hyun Kang Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, UC Irvine 08/09-02/11 Research Engineer, LG Life Sciences, Daejeon, Korea
Dr. Silvia Arredondo Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, UT Austin 02/10-05/10 Postdoctoral Fellow, NIAID/NIH
Dr. Tomohiro Makino Visiting Scientist 05/09-05/10 Senior Scientist, Asubio Pharmaceuticals, Japan
Dr. Jack Borrok Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Univ. of Wisconsin 07/07-05/10 Scientist, MedImmune, MD
Dr. George Skretas Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Princeton 06/06-06/09 Investigator, National Research Institute, Athens, Greece
Dr. Yariv Mazor Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Tel Aviv University 01/06-01/09 Scientist, MedImmune, MD
Dr. Ki Jun Jeong Postdoctoral Fellow     Research Associate Ph.D., KAIST, Korea 09/02-08/05              10/05-06/08 Asst. Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, KAIST, Taejon, Korea
Dr. Bum-Yeol Hwang Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Seoul National Univ. 08/04-04/08 Research Associate, UC Berkeley
Dr. Lluis Masip Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, UT Austin 09/06-05/07 Asst. Professor, Chemical Engineering, Universitat Tarragona, Spain
Dr. Vasso Skouridou Postdoctoral Fellow 01/05-05/07 Research Asst Professor, Dept of Chemical Engineering, Universitat Tarragona, Spain
Dr. Jamie Link Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Caltech 08/05-07/07 Asst. Professor, Chemical Engineering, Princeton, NJ
Dr. Karl Griswold Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Chemistry & Biochemistry, UT Austin 08/05-05/07 Asst. Professor, School of Engineering, Dartmouth, Hanover, NH
Dr. Philip Lee Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Microbiology, John Innes Inst., UK 01/04-09/06 Senior Scientist, Saphire Energy, CA
Dr. Robert Mabry Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Biochemistry, UT Austin 08/05-01/06 Senior Scientist, Adimab, Hanover, NH
Dr. Arti Pothukuchy Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi, India 11/04-05/05 Research Scientist, Accacia International, Austin,TX
Dr. Barrett Harvey Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Molecular Biology, UT Austin 01/04-08/04 Asst. Professor, Dept of Molecular Medicine, UT Health Science Center, Houston, TX
Dr. Yasuaki Kawarasaki Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Agricultural Engineering, Nagoya U., Japan 07/02-07/04 Assoc. Professor, Genetic Engineering, Shizuoka U., Shizuoka, Japan
Dr. Edgardo Farinas Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Chemistry, U. Illinois- Chicago 05/03-07/04 Assoc. Professor, Department of Chemistry, NJ Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ
Dr. Andrew Hayhurst Postdoctoral Fellow      Sr. Research Associate, Ph.D., National Inst for Medical Research, UK 09/98-12/03 Assoc. Scientist, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research & Adjunt Professor, UT Health Science Center, San Antonio, TX
Dr. Matt P. Delisa Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., U. Maryland 01/01-06/03 Assoc. Professor, Chemical Engineering, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY
Dr. Kitty Braat Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Uttracth 11/00-10/02 Principal Scientist, Symbiogen, Netherlands
Dr. Eva Strauch Exchange Student and Ph.D. student, U. Wurzburg, Germany 10/01-07/02 Postdoctoral Fellow, U. Washington
Zephyr Koch Research Assistant 05/01-05/02 unknown
Dr. Patrik Samuelson Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Royal Inst. Of Technology, Sweden 09/99-12/01 Assoc. Professor, Dept of Biotechnology, Royal Inst. Of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden
Dr. Scott Happe Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., St. Louis Univ. 04/99-4/01 Sr. Scientist, Stratagene, Austin, TX
Dr. Gang Chen Research Scientist  Ph.D. UT Austin 05/97-06/00 Sr. Scientist, Pfizer, San Diego, CA
Dr. Richard Loo Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., U. Tronto 05/97-06/00 Co-founder, Vive Nano, Toronto, Canada
Dr. Laura Segatori Exchange Student and Ph.D. student, U. Bologna, Italy 06/99-05/00 Asst. Professor, Chemical Engineering, Rice Univ., Houston, TX
Dr. Michael Cieslewitz Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., U. Illinois 05/97-02/99 Group Leader, GSK, Chapel Hill, NC
Eileen Fehskens Research Scientist     M.S. Yale 08/97-05/99 Self employed
Dr. Hua Zhang Postdoctoral Fellow 11/96-9/98 unknown
Anna Maria Caruana Research Associate M.S.., U. of Malta, Malta 03/98-10/98 Research Assocaite, University College, London, England
Dr. Jose Cotto Postdoctoral Fellow Ph.D., Northwestern U. 08/97-08/98 Research Scientist, Abbott Labs, Puerto Rico
Dr. Amihay Freeman Visiting Professor 10/95-5/96 Professor, Dept of Biotechnology, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Dr. Pascal Valax Research Associate  Ph.D. UT Austin 01/95-11/96 Director of Bioprocessing, Merck-Serono, Vevey, Switzerland
Dr. Patricia Phelps Research Associate  Ph.D., 10/90-08/93 Instructor, Biology, Austin Community College, Austin, TX


Previous Graduate Students:


Tae Hyun Kang  Ph.D. 12/2016 Scientist, CJ Therapeutics
Erik Quandt

Dissertation: “Genetic and Biocehmical Dissection of Complex Evolved Traits in Bacteria”

Ph.D. 08/2014 Postdoctoral Fellow, UT Austin
Olga Paley

Dissertation: “Engineering a Novel Human Methionine Degrading Enzyme as a Broadly Effective Cancer Therapeutic

Ph.D. 08/2014 Postdoctoral Fellow, UT Austin
Constantine Chrysostomou

Dissertation: “Addressing Intrinsic Challenes for next Generation Sequencing of Immunoglobulin Repertoirse”

Ph.D. 06/2014 Postdoctoral Fellow, UT Austin
Sean Carroll

Dissertation: “Antibody Engineering for Complement Inhibition Therapy”

Ph.D. 08/2012 Scientist, Atreca
Mark Pogson (Co-supervised with B.L. Iverson)

Dissertation: “Novel Approaches Towards Engineering Therapeutic Proteases”

Ph.D. 05/2012 Post-doc at ETH Switzerland
Mark Gebhard

Dissertation: “Novel High Throughput Methods for the Engineering of Hydrolases”

Ph.D. 05/2011 Post-doc at UT Austin
Haixin Li

Dissertation: “Protease Engineering in E.Coli

Ph.D. 12/2012 Medical Resident
Jason Cantor

Dissertation: “Novel Strategies Towards Engineering Therapeutic Enzymes with Reduced Immunogenicity for Cancer Therapy”

Ph.D. 12/2012 Post-doc at Whitehead w/D. Sabatini
Li Zhou

Dissertation: “Mechanistic Analysis of Selective Inhibition of RNA Processing in E.coli

Ph.D. 08/2010 Post-doc at Scripps w/J. Williamson
Marsha Lewis

Dissertation: “Engineering Peptide Detection and Allosteric Activation”

Ph.D. 05/2012 Instructor, Biological Sciences, UT Austin
Karthik Veeravalli

Dissertation: “Engineering of De Novo Pathways for Biosynthesis of Glutathione Analogues in E.coli

Ph.D. 05/2012 Research Scientist, Genentech
Mridula Rani (Co-supervised w/B.L. Iverson)

Dissertation: “Engineering Antibodies for Pathogen Neutralization and Detection”

Ph.D. 12/2009 Research Scientist, Theranos
Sang Taek Jung

Dissertation: “Engineering og Agylcosylated Antibody Fc for Effector Functions”

Ph.D. 08/2009 Asst. Professor, Kookmin University, Bioengineering Dept., S. Korea
Tom Van Blarcom

Dissertation: “Antibody Discovery and Engineering Using the Anchored Periplasmic Expression (APEx) E.coli

Ph.D. 06/2009 Research Scientist, Rinat/Pfizer
Silvia Arredondo

Dissertation: “Engineering and Characterization of Disulfide Bond Isomerases inE.coli

Ph.D. 05/2009 Post-doc at NIH w/L. Miller
Clinton E. Leysath

Dissertation: “Structure and Engineering of Antibodies to the Protective Antigen of theB. Anthracis Toxin”

Ph.D. 08/2008 Post-doc at NIAID w/S. Leppla
Min-Jeong Seo

Dissertation: “Development of Screening Systems for Optimizing the Expressionof Antibodies in E.coli

Ph.D. 08/2008 Management Consultant, Capital Management, Seoul, S. Korea
Eva-Maria Strauch

Dissertation: “Characterization and Application of the Twin Arginine Transporter (TAT) Pathway for Protein Secretion)”

Ph.D. 12/2007 Post-doc at U. Washington with D. Baker
Christian Cobaugh (Co-supervised w/B.L. Iverson)

Dissertation: “Single Scaffold Antibody Libraries Created with High Rates of Mutagenesis or Diversity Focused for Peptide Recognition”

Ph.D. 12/2007 Senior Scientist, Alexion Pharmaceuticals
Meng Zhao

Dissertation: “The Role of RNase E Inhibitors RraA and RraB ont he Degradation of RNA in Bacteria”

Ph.D. 05/2007 Clinical Fellow, Ohio State University
Navin Varadarajan (Co-supervised w/B.L. Iverson)

Dissertation: “Engineering Substrate Selectivity in the Protease OmpT”

Ph.D. 12/2006 Asst. Professor, Chemical Engineering Dept, Univ. of Houston
Brian Ribnicky

Dissertation: “Engineering Protein Function and Expression by Flow Cytometry”

Ph.D. 12/2006 Engineer, Genentech
Danielle Tullman-Ercek

Dissertation: “The Twin Arginine Transporter (TAT) Pathway of E.coli

Ph.D. 12/2006 Asst. Professor, Chemical Engineering Dept., UC Berkeley
Lluis Masip

Dissertation: “Engineering of Novel Pathways for Protein Oxidation”

Ph.D. 08/2006 Asst. Professor, Universitat Tarragona (Rovira I Virgilli), Spain
Robert Mabry (Co-supervised w/B.L. Iverson)

Dissertation: “Engineering Therapeutic Antibody Fragments Targeting the Antrax Toxin”

Ph.D. 08/2005 Scientist, Adimab
Junjun Gao

Dissertation: “Functional and Structural Studies of Proetin Inhibitors of RNase E activity that Globally Modulate mRNA abundance in E.coli

Ph.D. 08/2005 Research Scientist, Roche
Rozamond Sweeney (Co-supervised w/B.L. Iverson)

Dissertation: “Biological Approaches to Synthesis and ASsembly of Semiconductor and Metallic Nanomaterials”

Ph.D. 08/2005 Management Consultant
Laura Segatori

Dissertation: “Structure, Function and Engineering of Disulfide Bond Isomerization in E.coli

Ph.D. 08/2005 Asst. Professor, Chemical Engineering Dept., Rice University
Karl Griswold (Co-supervised w/B.L. Iverson)

Dissertation: “Engineering Highly Active Enzymes with Altered Substrate Selectivities”

Ph.D. 08/2005 Asst. Professor, Engineering, Dartmouth
Raphael Levy

Dissertation: “Enhancement of Antibody Fragments Expression in E.coli: Innovative Cytoplasmic Screening Approaches”

Ph.D. 05/2004 Senior Scientist, Zoma
Jongsik Gam (Co-supervised w/B.L. Iverson)

Dissertation: “Toward High Throughput Directed Evolution of Protease Specificity Using Flourescence Activated Sorting”

Ph.D. 05/2004