Venue & Travel

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am travelling to the conference, what documents are required?
  • A Payee Information Form, which you should have received from Melissa by email. This is required in order to receive any funds or services (including an airline ticket) in relation to your participation in the Institute.
  • All travelers must have a valid passport with 30 days remaining after the date of departure. Travelers from some countries must obtain a Visa.
  • Please refer to the South African travel web site for the most up-to-date health information, including vaccinations/tests for Covid-19 and other vaccinations, including for Yellow Fever (for people travelling from areas in Africa and the Americas in which it is endemic). Please consult your physician about immunizations immediately.
I am booking my own flights. How and when will I be reimbursed?

Please send a copy of your itinerary and receipt to Melissa Biggs as soon as possible. You will be reimbursed after travel is completed.

Can I book a Business ticket or a Coach ticket with extra legroom?

Yes, but we are only able to reimburse you for the Coach fare. Please provide documentation of what the Coach fare is at the time that you purchase your more expensive ticket.

Can I add additional professional or personal travel to the Institute travel and still be reimbursed?

Yes you can be reimbursed for the Institute-related travel. But federal regulations require that Institute-related travel be the most significant part of your trip. This is measured in number of days. The Institute is 10 days, so your additional travel must be less than 10 days in order for your round-trip airfare to be covered. (We just learned that this rule applies to the Institute; please contact us if you have questions or concerns.)

Will lodging and meals be covered by the Institute?

Yes, lodging and meals will be covered from July 29 through August 7. If you must arrive at the Institute early, please let us know. You will also receive a modest per diem.

How will ground transportation be handled?

You will reimbursed for ground transportation to and from your home. The University of Pretoria will make arrangements for ground transportation to and from the Johannesburg airport, as detailed on the information sheet they have prepared.