2014 Honors Theses

Emily Adams — Ideology versus Self-Interest: The Countervailing Forces of Texas Public Opinion
Supervisor: Eric McDaniel

Catherine Chlebowski — The Politically Motivating Effects of Social Networking Sites on Millennials
Supervisor: Bethany Albertson

Christiaan Cleary — Trust in National Legal Systems throughout Europe
Supervisor: Robert Luskin

Caitlin Cline — Improving Foreign Language Education: A Comparison of Texas and Bavaria
Supervisor: Benjamin Gregg

Daniel Hung — The Perfect Model: Election to the Texas Legislature
Supervisors: Daron Shaw and David Prindle

Mary Rose Legrone — A Funny Sort of Justice: Maritime Territorial Disputes and Law of the Sea
Supervisor: Patricia Maclachlan

Julia Schwartz — Comparing the Political Ideologies of the United States and the United Kingdom Using Their Diversity and Economic Policies
Supervisor: Alan Sager

Kalyan Venkatraj — Security Transgressions: Understanding Our Civil Liberties in a Post-9/11 World
Supervisor: Paula Newberg

Julia Wang — Visible Effects of Affirmative Action: An Analysis of Print Media in Brazil
Supervisor: Daniel Brinks

John Matthew Winston — A Critique of the Awkward Partner Thesis
Supervisor: Scott Wolford

Philip Wiseman — Challenging the Establishment: The Impact of Super PACs on U.S. Senate Elections in the 2012 Election Cycle
Supervisor: Brian Roberts

Stephanie Yarborough — Comparing Aristotle to Montesquieu: Virtue versus Commercialism
Supervisor: Erik Dempsey