Applied Political Strategies Scholarship

Are you interested in political campaigns and elections? Do you want to learn more about cutting-edge data analysis and technology in campaigns? Do you want to jumpstart your career in this exciting field? The Department of Government is pleased to announce the inaugural competition for the Applied Political Strategies Scholarship.

Established in 2013, the Applied Political Strategies Scholarship provides scholarship support to students interested in the study of federal and statewide campaigns and elections. The scholarship encourages and subsidizes targeted internships with campaign-oriented organizations.

Scholarship recipients receive funds that may be used to offset living expenses associated with an unpaid internship, tuition and other fees, and other academic related expenses. Recipients also receive assistance being placed in a relevant internship. Internships will be targeted when related to digital campaigns and/or data analysis related to campaigns and elections.

Apply online through the scholarship portal:

The application is currently open and set to close March 28, 2014.