Bilakovics Book Published by HUP

Steven Bilakovics’ first book has been published by Harvard University Press. Democracy Without Politics argues, among other things, that because democracy is rooted in openness, democracy subverts itself, and this explains why the general public holds democratic principles in high regard while simultaneously despising the democratic politics with which they live.

Democracy Without Politics is based on Bilakovics’ dissertation, “Constituting Freedom and the Democratic Way of Life,” which was named co-winner of the inaugural Jack Miller Center Chairman’s Award for Best Dissertation in American Political Thought at the 2011 American Political Science Association Annual Meeting. Bilakovics competed for the prize in a national pool of dissertations  in political science, history, and American studies completed during the three year period 2008-2010.

Bilakovics taught at Harvard and the University of Pittsburgh before accepting a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale University. Jeffrey Tulis supervised his dissertation.

Bilakovics’ website: