Burdine Chronicles – August 2009

Dear Alumni and Friends,

I would like to take this opportunity to plug our current graduate students and encourage you to take an interest in them as if they were your own. Our students are constantly improving, and if you demand evidence to back this statement up, I will point out the many sources of external funding the group has brought in this year.

Austin Hart has won a National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant (and a Graduate Dean’s Prestigious Fellowship supplement). Danilo Contreras and Joanne Ibarra have received National Science Foundation Diversity Fellowships. Matt Buehler has received a David L. Boren Graduate Fellowship (and a Graduate Dean’s Prestigious Fellowship supplement). Regina Goodnow, Yuval Weber, and Allison White have received FLAS fellowships. Jolie Wood won an AAUW award. Doaa’ El Nakhala’s research will be funded through the Open Society Institute’s Palestinian Faculty Development Program (as well as the University’s Center for European Studies). The department has also maintained its competitiveness in university-wide fellowship competitions – Roy Germano and Aaron Herold have won University Continuing Fellowships, and Stephanie Holmsten received a David Bruton, Jr. Endowed Fellowship.

On top of these impressive feats, the department granted summer, half-year, and full year MacDonald or Long Dissertation Fellowships to Manuel Balán, Luis Camacho-Solis, Eduardo Dargent, Justin Dyer, Laura Field, Regina Goodnow, Austin Hart, Matthew Johnson, Patrick Hickey, Stephanie Holmsten, TaoHuang, Ernest McGowen, Paula Munoz, Curt Nichols, Daniel Ryan, Randy Uang, Matthew Wright, and Kristin Wylie. Leeann Youn received a James Roach Fellowship.

We also had a banner year in terms of graduate student publications. We are especially proud of our students’ growing publication record, and on behalf of the graduate student body I want to thank our alumni for paving the way. Without question, your work when you were here sowed the seeds we are now reaping. Whether by sheer example, by pushing the department to increase professional development opportunities for the graduate students, or through the work you do now as part of our professional community, your presence continues being felt. We like that, and we encourage it.

All of our graduate students are doing exceptional work, and we are also extremely excited about our incoming class. We have 25 new students, spread fairly evenly across the various fields.

It has long been the philosophy in this department that a rising tide lifts all boats – let’s continue living by that maxim.

Gary P. Freeman, Chair