Spring 2020 American Politics Speaker Series

Jan 24: Alan Wiseman, Vanderbilt
February 12: Brian Richter — UT
February 17: Brandon Archuleta — USMA (a new addition since our last announcement)
February 26: Matthew Hayes — Rice
March 11: Zachary McGee — UT
March 25: Philip Moniz — UT
April 9: Angie Maxwell — Arkansas
April 29: Adam Berinsky — MIT

Fall 2019 Comparative Speaker Series

08/26 Catherine de Vries, Amsterdam

09/09 Daniel Silverman, Carnegie-Mellon

09/23 Leslie Schwindt-Bayer, Rice

9/27 Greg Distelhorst, Toronto

10/07 Abishek Chatterjee, Montana

10/21 Johanna Birnir, Maryland

11/01 Benjamin Lessing, Chicago

11/04 Meredith Weiss, SUNY-Albany

11/15 Tulia Falleti, Pennsylvania

11/25 Tiffany Barnes, Kentucky

12/09 Sheena Greitens (tentative), Missouri

2019-20 IR Speaker Series

Sept 20: Beth Simmons, University of Pennsylvania

Sept 27: Greg Distelhorst, University of Toronto

October 9: Michael Denly, UT-Austin

October 23: Oliver Kaplan, University of Denver

November 14: Richard Jordon, Baylor

Dec 4: Niki Marinov, University of Houston

January 21: Sarah Bermeo, Duke University

Feb 12: Hein Goemans, University of Rochester

Feb 19th: Yortam Haftel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

March 11: Vivenne Born, Texas Women’s College

April 8: Amy Yeun, Middlebury

2017-18 Comparative Politics Speaker Series

Fall 2017

September 25: Caitlin Andrews (UT- Government)
October 9: David Laitin (Stanford University)
October 23: Laron Williams (University of Missouri)
November 6: Holger Albrecht  (University of Alabama)
November 13: Jason Brownlee (UT)
November 20: David Samuels (University of Minnesota)
December 4: Tom Pepinsky (Cornell University)

All meetings are at 12pm in BAT 5.108

Spring 2018 TBD

2017-18 American Politics Speaker Series

Fall 2017

Wednesday, September 27: John Petrocik (University of Missouri)
Wednesday, October 11: EJ Fagan (UT)
Wednesday, November 8: Christine Wolbrecht (University of Notre Dame)
Wednesday, November 29: Brian Richter (UT)

Spring 2018 Dates TBD

Peter Enns (Cornell University)
Justin Kirkland (University of Houston)
Bat Sparrow (UT)
Nadine Gibson (UT)
Maraam Dwidar (UT)

All meetings are at noon in BAT 5.108

2017-18 International Relations Speaker Series

FALL 2017
15 Sept: Mike Findley, UT Austin
This will also be an introductory meeting for students interested in IR.
29 Sept: Elizabeth Saunders, George Washington University
27 Oct: Paul Staniland, University of Chicago
This talk is jointly sponsored with the South Asia Institute.
16 Nov (Thu): Erik Voeten, Georgetown
3:30 – 4:30
** 17 Nov (Fri) – 18 Nov (Sat) ** UT Austin will be hosting the annual conference of the International Political Economy Society (schedule). All are welcome.
UT Austin presenters: Carolina Moehlecke, Xiaobo Lü, Nate Jensen, Rachel Wellhausen

19 Jan: Dipali Mukhopadhyay, Columbia
This talk is jointly sponsored with the South Asia Institute.
2 Feb: David Carter, Washington University in St. Louis
23 Feb: Layna Mosley, UNC Chapel Hill
2 Mar: Cyrus Samii, NYU
This talk is sponsored by Innovations for Peace and Development.
30 Mar: Pre-ISA student talks and professionalization session.
20 Apr: Fotini Christia, MIT
27 Apr: Erica Owen, Texas A&M
4 May: Pat McDonald, UT Austin

All meeting are at 1pm in BAT 5.108, except Nov. 16

2016-17 Comparative Politics Workshop/Speaker Series

Fall 2016

August 29: Zoltan Barany, Xiaobo Lu, Michael Gibbs, Meeting with First-Year Comparative Graduate Students

September 12: Aqil Shah (University of Oklahoma)

September 26: Jake Dizard (PhD Candidate, Government/UT)

October 10: Eric Crahan: Publishing books in political science (Sr. Editor, Princeton University Press)

October 24: Kim Guiler (PhD Candidate, Government/UT)

November 4: Daniel Ziblatt (Harvard)

November 7: Brian Min (Michigan)

November 14: Julia Bader (Visiting Scholar, University of Amsterdam)

November 21: Dan Brinks (Government/UT)

November 28: Calla Hummel (PhD Candidate, Government/UT)

December 5: Meet your professor/TBA

Spring 2017

January 23: Daniel Sobelman (Harvard, Belfer Center)

February 6: Hicham Bou Nassif (Carleton College)

February 20: Jennifer Gandhi (Emory University)

March 6: Carew Boulding (University of Colorado)

March 20: Dana El Kurd (PhD Candidate, Government/UT)

April 3: TBA

April 17: TBA

May 1: TBA

2016-17 IR Speaker Series

2016-2017 IR Speaker Series

Fall 2016

9 Sept: Kishore Gawande (UT Austin, McCombs)
12 Sept: Aqil Shah (Oklahoma)
23 Sept: Renard Sexton (NYU)
30 Sept: Grad student presentations
7 Oct: Clint Peinhardt (UT Dallas)
21 Oct: Grad student presentations
28 Oct: Tim Hellwig (Indiana)
4 Nov: Professionalization: Publishing
18 Nov: Nate Jensen (UT Austin, Government)
2 Dec: Alex Debs (Yale)

Spring 2017

27 Jan: Andrew Coe (USC)
31 Jan: Ron Krebs (Minnesota)
3 Feb: Nita Rudra (Georgetown)
10 Feb: Kathleen Cunningham (Maryland)
17 Feb: Grad student presentations
3 Mar: Jane Sumner (Minnesota)
24 Mar: Professionalization: Job market
31 Mar: Grad student presentations
7 Apr: Jessica Weeks (Wisconsin)

Fall 2015 Comparative Politics Speaker Series and Related Events

September 11 (Friday) – Amy Liu papers workshop. Commentators: Jose Cheibub (U. Illinois), Allen Hicken (U. Michigan), and Eddy Malesky (Duke). Batts 5.102.

September 25-26 (Friday-Saturday) – Graduate Conference in Public Law.

October 2-3 (Friday-Saturday) – Second International Diffusion and Cooperation of Authoritarian Regimes (IDCAR) Network Conference.

October 9 (Friday) – Comparative Politics faculty-student workshop. Kimberly Guiler, “Trusting the Faithful: The Rise of the Pro-Islamist Justice and Development Party in Atatürk’s Turkey.” 2pm in Batts 5.108.

October 15-18 (Thursday-Sunday) – Visit by Professor Andreas Schedler (CIDE). Part of the Latin America speakers series.

October 30 (Friday) – Talk by Professor Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro (Brown University). “Who punishes corruption? Information, sophistication, and partisanship in Argentina and Brazil.” Noon in Batts 5.108. Part of the Latin America speakers series and the Mike Hogg Series in Comparative Politics.

November 6 (Friday) – Comparative Politics faculty-student workshop. Dana El-Kurd, “Political Mobilization in Authoritarian Regimes.” 2pm in Batts 5.108.

December 4 (Friday) – Comparative Politics faculty-student workshop. Rodolfo Disi Pavlic, “Policies, Politics, and Protests: Comparing Student Mobilization in Chile and Peru.” 2pm in Batts 5.108

Fall 2015 IR Speaker Series

10 September – Edmund Malesky, Duke University
30 Stepember – Matthew Fuhrmann, Texas A&M
22 October – Guy Grossman, University of Pennsylvania
30 October – Leslie Johns, UCLA
2 November – Dan Nexon, Georgetown University

All talks in BAT 5.108, 2pm start.

Second Annual Grad Public Law Conference Scheduled for Sept 24-26

University of Texas Graduate Conference in Public Law

Co-sponsored by:
The Department of Government
The University of Texas School of Law
The Robert S. Strauss Center for International Security and Law

The Department of Government at the University of Texas at Austin invites submissions for the second annual Graduate Conference in Public Law, to be held September 24-26, 2015. Reflecting the growing prominence of public law in the broader discipline of political science, the conference is intended to provide a forum for engagement with common questions in the field. The conference welcomes abstracts on all aspects of public law, including but not limited to:

• Security and International Law
• Human Rights
• American and Comparative Constitutionalism
• Jurisprudence and Judicial Behavior
• Statutory Design and Implementation

The conference will consist of thematic panels, each featuring 4-5 papers and comments by a faculty member from the University of Texas. The keynote address, to be delivered the afternoon of September 25, will be given by Kim Lane Scheppele, Laurance S. Rockefeller Professor of Sociology and International Affairs at Princeton University. Dr. Scheppele will be speaking on “Constitutional Possibilities,” arguing that in addition to studying constitutional doctrine and institutions, we ought to study the set of potentially constitutional ideas available in any particular time and place.

Abstracts of no more than 250 words, accompanied by an up-to-date C.V., should be submitted by July 17th, 2015, to UTPublicLaw2015@gmail.com. Approximately 25 papers will be accepted, and grants of up to $350 will be awarded to participants. Meals will be provided throughout the conference, and participants will be invited to a dinner reception following Dr. Scheppele’s keynote lecture.

Questions may be directed to UTPublicLaw2015@gmail.com.

Student organizers: Thomas Bell, Maggie Moslander, Christina Noriega, and Robert Shaffer (Department of Government)

Government Undergraduate Research Fair

The Department of Government hosted its annual undergraduate research fair today. This year the event welcomed a new element – joining the Pickle Research Fellows were researchers from the Innovations for Peace and Development Lab, making for an event featuring 32 aspiring scholars.

2015 GOV Undergrad Research Fair

Government’s 2015 undergraduate research fair featured 32 projects in American, comparative, and international politics.

Projects on display were wide-ranging — studies of the US Congress, lobbying in Australian politics, aid budgets in Africa, voting in Kenya, violence, rhetoric, and so on — and represented a year’s worth of work shepherded through two research courses.

The first, the Pickle Research Apprenticeship, draws off the resources of the Policy Agendas Project and is focused on public policy and congressional studies, primarily in the US context.

The second is a new course tied to the IPD Lab and overseen by Mike Findley. The course is led by an advanced graduate student, and the instructor and Findley supervise student projects.

Many of the projects showed evidence of active collaboration between faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students, with graduate students providing guidance to undergraduates in the design and execution of their research.