Recent PhDs – Fall 2020

Megan Farrell: Affiliation Among Political Violence Groups: Signaling Commitment
Iasmin Goes Aragão Santana: The Source of Self-Restraint? How Domestic Politics and International Markets Shape Natural Resource Policy in the Developing World
Daniel Weitzel: The Causes and Consequences of Valence Attacks in European Multi-Party Systems

Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020 PhD Defenses

Brendan Apfeld: Do Left and Right Differ on Education in Latin America? Explaining Unexpected Convergence

Maraam Dwidar: Power to the Partner: Organizational Coalitions and Minority Representation in American Rulemaking

Carolina Moehlecke: Corporations and Global Regulation: Challenges and Opportunities for State Regulatory Powers 

German Petersen: Origins and Consequences of Corruption Scandals: Evidence from Mexico

Stephen Joyce: Judicial Federalism: A Comparative Study of Its Origin, Operation, and Significance 

John Meyer: One Way to Live: Orde Wingate and the Adoption of ‘Special Forces’ Tactics and Strategies (1903-1940) 

E.J. Fagan: Information Wars: Party Elites, Think Tanks and Polarization in Congress 

Jonathan Wensveen: Making History Safe for Democracy: Understanding Alexis De Tocqueville’s “Profoundly Ambiguous” Theory of History

Charles Zug: Demagoguery and American Constitutionalism 



Fall 2018, and Spring, Summer 2019 PhD Defenses

Caitlin Andrews-Lee: Charisma Lives On: A Study of Peronism and Chavismo

Alec Arellano: Tocqueville and Mill on Doubt and the Demands of Democratic Citizenship

Christina Bambrick: Horizontal Rights: Constitutionalism and the Transformation of the Private Sphere

Thomas Bell: The Architectonic Constitution: Higher Order Principles and Separation of Powers Conflict

Zach Bennett: Making Virtue Reign: Citizenship and Civic Education in the Political Philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Alex Branham: Public Opinion, Partisanship, and Public Policy

Nadine Gibson: Understanding the Mechanics of Democracy: How to Improve the Quality of Elections in America

Kyosuke Kikuta: Bargaining Over Nature: Formal and Causal Analyses on Climate and Conflict

Andy Stravers: Pork, Parties, and Priorities: Partisan Politics and Overseas Military Deployments

Joe Tafoya: When Latinos Avoid and Accept Risks: The Effect of Risk Attitudes on Policy Views and Political Mobilization

Fall 2017, and Spring, Summer 2018 PhD Defenses

Omar Awapara: The Geography of Free Trade: Explaining Variation in Trade Policy in Latin America

Jake Dizard: The Paradox of Militarization: Democratic Oversight and Military Autonomy in Mexico and Colombia

Rebecca Eissler: Prioritizer-in-Chief: The Role of the President in the Policy Process from Reagan to Obama

Ben Hardee: A Moral Psychological Primary Source Analysis of Brown V. Board of Education

Alex Hudson: The Impact of Public Participation in Constitution Making

Joanne Ibarra: Understanding Perceptions: Latino Party Images and Partisanship

Anthony Ives: Congressional Health, Congressional Failure

Hillel Ofek: A Just Peace: Grover Cleveland, William McKinley, and the Moral Basis of American Foreign Policy

Jerod Patterson: The Politics of the People of God: How Religious Identity and Threat Structure Political Attitudes

Luke Perez: Liberating Faith: American Grand Strategy and the Foundations of International Religious Freedom

Annelise Russell: The Politics of Prioritization: How Twitter Reflects a Senator’s Attention

Robert Shaffer: Power in Text: Extracting Institutional Relationships from Natural Language

Ahmed Siddiqi: Revival, Reform, and Reason in Islam: Alfarabi on the Proper Relationship Between Religion and Politics

Fall 2016, and Spring, Summer 2017 PhD Defenses

Giorleny Altamirano-Rayo: Securing Territory: State Interests and the Implementation of Ethnic Land Rights in the Americas

Joseph Amick: Vote Choice in the Presence of Targeted Benefit Transfers: Unpacking the Voter’s Decision-Making Process

Clare Brock: What’s Cooking In Washington? Interest Group Lobbying And The Construction Of Food And Agricultural Policy

Alvaro Corral: Citizenship Politics: Latino Civic Participation Across Generations

Rodolfo Disi Pavlic: Policies, Politics, And Protests: Explaining Student Mobilization In Latin America

Connor Ewing: The Politics Of Sovereignty: Federalism In American Political Development

Calla Hummel: Disobedient Markets: Street Vendors, Enforcement, And State Intervention In Collective Action

Kristin Kelly: The Young American Voter in the New Millennium

Dana El Kurd: International Involvement and Authoritarian Consolidation; The Case of the Palestinian Authority

Jonathan Lewallen: You Better Find Something To Do: Lawmaking and Agenda Setting In a Centralized Congress

Ryan Lloyd: Explaining Resilience in Clientelist Voting

Ken Miller: The Division of Labor in Congressional Campaigns

Xuanxuan Wu: Bargaining In Public: Resolve And Publicity In International Crises

Spring and Summer 2016 PhD Defenses

Ayca Arkilic: Between The Homeland and Host States: Turkey’s Diaspora Policies and Immigrant Political Participation in France and Germany

Kyle Endres: Issue-Cross-Pressures and Campaign Effects: Connecting the Right Voters with the Right Message

John Graeber: Costly Citizenship: The Supply and Demand of Political Membership in Europe, 1970-2014

Josiah Marineau: Aiding Dependency: A Cross-National Analysis of Foreign Aid and Tax Compliance

Rachel Navarre: The Politics of Amnesty

Henry Pascoe: United Nations Conventions for the Suppression of Transnational Terrorism and International Security Cooperation

Matthew Rhodes-Purdy: Beyond The Balance Sheet: Performance, Participation And Regime Support In Latin America

Michelle Whyman: The Roots Of Legislative Durability: How Information, Deliberation, And Compromise Create Laws That Last

Michelle Wolfe: Problem Expansion And Solution Containment: News Coverage And The Climate Debate

Summer 2015 and Fall 2015 PhD Defenses

Jin Seok Bae: The Effect of Democratization on Election-Oriented Economic Policy: Evidence from South Korea

Joshua Blank: Anger and the Politics of Compromise

Danilo Contreras: Exit Over Voice in Dominican Ethnoracial Politics

Lewis Fallis: The Gods of the City: The Political Root of Piety in Plato’s Euthyphro and Laws

Ritta-Ilona Koivumaeki: Institutional Constraints on Economic Nationalism in Latin America

Jennifer Lamm: Jus Meritum: Alien Military Service and Naturalization in the United States

Jessica Price: We Will Not Be Quiet: Clientelism, Keystone Organizations, and the Dynamics of Protest in Indigenous Southern Mexico

JoBeth Shafran: Whirlpools of Information: Information Processing in Policy Subsystems 1995-2010

Kevin Stuart: The Person and Society: Rawls, Maritain, and the Concept of Personhood in Politics

Trey Thomas: Contagious Agendas: The Spread of Issue Attention in the Policy Process

Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 PhD Defenses

Brandon Archuleta: The Military Pension Promise: Autonomous Policy Subsystems, Blue Ribbon Defense Commissions, And The Twenty-First All-Volunteer Force

Peter Harris: Global Gatekeeping: How Great Powers Respond to Rising States

Ariel Helfer: Political Ambition And Socratic Philosophy Plato’s Presentation Of Socrates And Alcibiades

Kai-ping Huang: Electoral Reforms And The Transformation Of Party System: Thailand In Comparative Perspective

Sarat Krishnan: Proliferating Security? Explaining U.S. Policy Towards Nuclear Weapon Aspirants

Daniel McCormack: Protection From Themselves: The Domestic Consequences Of International Hierarchy

Christian Sorace: Beyond Repair: State-Society Relations In The Aftermath Of The 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake

Mark Verbitsky: Aristotle On Rhetoric And Rationality: A Study Of Aristotelian Political Psychology

Allison White: From Competition To Monopoly: Establishing Party Dominance In Post-Communist Russia

Spring and Summer 2014 PhD Defenses

Huseyin Alptekin: Explaining Ethnopolitical Mobilization: Ethnic Incorporation and Mobilization Patterns in Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey, and Beyond

Kody Cooper: Upon the Earth There Is Not Its Like…? Thomas Hobbes’ Natural Law Theory of Morality and Politics

Jeremy Fortier: Nietzche’s Political Ambition: His Case For and Against the Modern State

Carly Herold: Virtue and Irrationality in Republican Politics: Cicero’s Critique of Popular Philosophy

Byung-Jae Lee: The Causal Effects Of Transitional Justice On Human Rights

Pete Mohanty: Denizen Politics: A Comparative Analysis Of Opposition To Immigration In The European Union

Doaa’ El Nakhala: Walls and Fences: The Making of Good Neighbors?!

Ann Orsinger: Developing Democratic Civil Virtues Through Aesthetic Education And Design In Public Schools

Steven Pittz: The Free Spirit And Liberal Political Order

Laura Rabinowitz: Harmony of City and Soul: Plato and the Classical Virtue of Moderation

Gustavo Rivera: Campaign Advertising and Its Effects: The Case of Mexico

Rachel Sternfeld: Political Coalitions And Media Policy: A Study Of Egyptian Newspapers

Eric Svensen: Reconceptualizing Divided Government

Yuval Weber: Petropolitics And Foreign Policy: Fiscal And Institutional Origins And Patterns Of Russian Foreign Policy, 1964-2012

Summer and Fall 2013 PhD Defenses

Matt Buehler: “The Social Base Of Divide-And-Rule: Left-Islamist Opposition Alliances In North Africa’s Arab Spring.” Advisor: Jason Brownlee

Regina Goodnow: “Post-Soviet Super-Presidentialism: Explaining Constitution Choice In Russia And Ukraine.” Advisors: Zach Elkins and Rob Moser.

Adam Myers: “The Geographical Foundations Of State Legislative Conflict, 1993-2012.” Advisors: Bryan Jones and Peter Trubowitz.

Daniel Sternemann: “Bureaucratic Access Points And Leverage.” Advisor: Bryan Jones.

Shinya Wakao: “Wall Street, Main Street, And Pennsylvania Avenue: The Effect Of Stock Ownership On Political Behavior In The U.S..” Advisor: Bob Luskin.

Recent PhDs/Recent Defenses/Forthcoming Defenses

Giorgi Areshidze: “Competing Enlightenment Approaches to Religion and Toleration: Hobbes, Locke, Tocqueville and Rawls”
Advisor: Thomas Pangle

William Blake: “Judicial Independence in the American States”
Advisor: Dan Brinks/H.W. Perry

Luis Camacho-Solis: “The Political Origins of Support for Redistribution: Argentina and Peru in Comparative Perspective”
Advisor: Kurt Weyland

Austin Hart: “Campaigning for the Economic Vote: The Political Impact of Economic Rhetoric”
Advisor: Daron Shaw/Kurt Weyland

Jacqueline Hunsicker: “Critical Veneration and the Art of Constitutional Aspirationalism”
Advisor: Sanford Levinson

Hector Ibarra-Rueda: “Why Factions Matter: A Theory of Party Dominance at the Subnational Level”
Advisor: Ken Greene/Raul Madrid

William McCormick: “On the De Regno of St. Thomas Aquinas”
Advisor: J. Budziszewski

Jennifer McEwan: “Strategy of Reform: Courts, Politics, and Policy Reform in Texas”
Advisor: H.W. Perry

Dorothy Morgan: “A Spacial Econometric Approach to the Study of Social Influence”
Advisor: Tse-min Lin

Paula Munoz: “Political Marketing Meets Street Politics: An Informational Theory of Electoral Clientelism”
Advisor: Raul Madrid/Kurt Weyland

Daniel Nogueira-Budny: “From Marxist-Leninism to Market-Liberalism? The Varied Adaptation of Latin America’s Leftist Parties”
Advisor: Wendy Hunter/Kurt Weyland

Amanda Skuldt: “State Sponsored Terrorism? Leader Survival and the Foreign Policy of Fear”
Advisor: Ami Pedahzur/Peter Trubowitz

Kristin Wylie: “Strong Women, Weak Parties: Challenges to Democratic Representation in Brazil”
Advisor: Wendy Hunter

Recent PhDs Awarded

Stephanie Holmsten: “Electoral Outcomes at the Intersection of Gender and Ethnicity”
Supervisor: Rob Moser

Taofang Huang: “The Myth of Political Participation Among Asian Americans”
Supervisor: Daron Shaw

Matthew Johnson: “The Political Logic of Renter’s Insurance: The Resource Curse, Institutions, and the Foundations of Institutional Strength in Latin America”
Supervisor: Raúl Madrid/Kurt Weyland

Randy Uang: “Careful Crackdowns: Human Rights and Campaigning on Public Security in Latin America”
Supervisor: Wendy Hunter

Matt Vandenbroek: “Principled Abstention: A Theory of Emotions and Nonvoting in U.S. Presidential Elections”
Supervisor: Daron Shaw

Recent PhDs Awarded

Eduardo Dargent: “Technocracy Under Democracy: Assessing the Political
Autonomy of Experts in Latin America”
Supervisor: Kurt Weyland

Michael Dennis: “Attitudes in Transition: Chechen Refugees and the Politics of Violence”
Supervisor: Rob Moser

Laura Field: “Writing in Blood: Compassion, Character, and Popular Rhetoric in Rousseau and Nietzsche”
Supervisor: Tom Pangle

Patrick Hickey: “Shades of Grey: Constituencies, Electoral Incentives, and the
President’s Legislative Agenda”
Supervisor: Sean Theriault

Joel Parker: “Randomness and Legitimacy in Selecting Democratic Representatives”
Supervisor: Sanford Levinson and Russell Muirhead

Scott Truelove: “Plato and Thucydides on Athenian Imperialism”
Supervisor: Thomas Seung

Matthew Wright: “A Vindication of Politics: Political Association and Human
Supervisor: J. Budziszewski

Recent PhDs Awarded

Manuel Balán
Dissertation: Today’s Allies, Tomorrow’s Enemies? The Political Dynamics of Corruption Scandals in Latin America
Supervisor: Kurt Weyland

Matthew Cohen
Dissertation: Bargaining and Fighting in the Moonlight
Supervisors: Tse-min Lin and Harrison Wagner

N. Susanne Martin
Dissertation: From Parliamentarianism to Terrorism and Back Again
Supervisors: Rob Moser and Ami Pedahzur

Mohammed Malley
Dissertation: The Political Impact of Islamic Banking in Jordan
Supervisor: Clement Henry

Ernest McGowen
Dissertation: The Brave New World: The Social and Participatory Behaviors of the Modern Suburban African American
Supervisor: Tasha Philpot

Robert Parks
Dissertation: Local-National Relations and the Politics of Property Rights in Algeria and Tunisia
Supervisor: Clement Henry

Daniel Ryan
Dissertation: Democratic Governance and the Courts: The Political Sources of the Judicialization of Public Policy in Argentina
Supervisor: Dan Brinks

Mary Slosar
Dissertation: The Power of Personality: Candidate-Centered Voting in Comparative Perspective
Supervisor: Robert Luskin

Recent PhDs Awarded

Rob De Luca
Dissertation: “Liberal Multiculturalism and the Challenge of Religious Diversity”
Advisor: Juliet Hooker

Aaron Herold
Dissertation: “Liberal Theology in the Age of Equality: Tocqueville and the Enlightenment on Faith, Freedom, and the Human Soul”
Advisor: Thomas Pangle

Recent PhDs Awarded

Roy Germano
Dissertation: “The Political Economy of Remittances: Emigration, Social Insurance Provision, and Political Behavior in Mexico.”
Advisor: Kurt Weyland

Greg Michener
Dissertation: “The Surrender of Secrecy: Explaining the Emergence of Strong Access to Information Laws in Latin America.”
Advisor: Raúl Madrid

Rodrigo Nunes
Dissertation: “Ideal Justice in Latin America: Interests, Ideas, and the Political Origins of Judicial Activism in Brazil and Colombia.”
Advisor: Kurt Weyland

Arthur Shuster
Dissertation: “Ancient and Modern Approaches to the Question of Punishment: Hobbes, Kant and Plato.”
Advisor: Thomas Pangle

Brenna Troncoso
Dissertation: “The Pursuit of Public Interest Litigation in Argentina and Bolivia.”
Advisors: David Braybrooke and H.W. Perry

Rodrigo Velazquez
Dissertation: “Buying Discretion in Mexico’s New Democracy: Patronage in Bureaucratic-Legislative Relations.”
Advisor: Kurt Weyland

Jolie Wood
Dissertation: “White-Collar Agitation, No-Collar Compliance: The Privilege of Protest in Varanasi, India.” Advisors: Clement Henry and Philip Oldenberg

Recent PhDs Awarded

Justin Dyer
Dissertation: After the Revolution: Natural Law and the Antislavery Constitutional Tradition
Supervisor: Gary Jacobsohn

Darrin Hanson
Dissertation: American Civil Religion: Continuity and Change
Supervisor: J. Budziszewski

Chih-shian Liou
Dissertation: The Politics of China’s “Going-Out” Strategy: Overseas Expansion of Central State-Owned Enterprises.
Supervsior: Patricia Maclachlan

Chih-cheng (Almong) Meng
Dissertation: Currency and Political Choice: Analytical Political Economy of Exchange Rate Policy in East Asia
Supervisors: Mel Hinich and Brian Roberts

Curt Nichols
Dissertation: The Governing Cycle and the Dynamics of New Majority Formation
Supervisor: Jeff Tulis

Kris Seago
Dissertation: News as Entertainment: Seduction or Distraction? Supervisor: Bob Luskin

Recent PhDs Awarded

Ph.D.s awarded since August 2008:

Neal Allen
Dissertation: The Effect of a Supreme Court Opinion Outside the Judicial System: An Analysis of Brown V. Board of Education and the American South
Supervisor: H.W. Perry

Mijeong Baek
Dissertation: Political Communication Systems and Voter Participation
Supervisor: Daron Shaw

Jennifer Bean
Dissertation: Institutional Responses To Terrorism: The Domestic Role of the Military in Consolidated
Supervisor: Zoltan Barany

Steven Bilakovics
Dissertation: Constituting Political Freedom and the Democratic Way of Life
Supervisor: Jeff Tulis

Odysseas Christou
Dissertation: The Ties That Bind: Norms, Networks, Information, and the Organization of Political Violence
Supervisor: Harrison Wagner

David Crow
Dissertation: Citizen Disenchantment in New Democracies: The Case of Mexico
Supervisor: Bob Luskin

Donald Inbody
Dissertation: Grand Army of the Republic or Grand Army of the Republicans? Political Party and Ideological Preferences of American Enlisted Personnel
Supervisor: Bat Sparrow

Julie Lane
Dissertation: Recognizing Rape
Supervisor: Ben Gregg

Clarisa Pérez-Armendáriz
Dissertation: Do Migrants Remit Democratic Beliefs and Behaviors? A Theory of Migrant-Led International Diffusion
Supervisors: Kurt Weyland and Gary Freeman

Ayesha Ray
Dissertation: Political Masters and Sentinels: Commanding the Allegiance of the Soldier in India
Supervisor: Harrison Wagner

Laura Seay
Dissertation: Authority at Twilight: Civil Society, Social Services, and the State in the Eastern DemocraticRepublic of Congo
Supervisor: Catherine Boone