Recent Placements

Caitlin Andrews-Lee – Ryerson University, Toronto (tenure-track)

Maraam Dwidar – Syracuse University (tenure-track)

E.J. Fagan – University of Illinois, Chicago Circle (tenure-track)

Iasmin Goes – University Carlos III of Madrid (three-year post doc)

Daniel Weitzel – University of Vienna (five-year post doc)

Jonathan Wensveen – University of Lethbridge (visiting assistant professor)

Charles Zug – Williams College (two-year post doc)

Recent Alumni Promotions, New Jobs, Retirements

Manuel Balán – Director of the Institute for the Study of International Development (McGill)

Christina Bambrick – Notre Dame (assistant professor)

Kyle Endres – University of Northern Iowa, and Associate Director, Center for Social and Behavioral Research

Connor Ewing – University of Missouri (assistant professor)

Jasmine Farrier – Vice President, University Advancement (Louisville)

Laura Rabinowitz – St. Thomas University (Fredericton, NB, Canada)

Arnold Fleischmann – Emeritus, Eastern Michigan University

Danny Hayes – promotion to professor, George Washington University

Dennis Hickey – Emeritus, Missouri State University

Philip Meeks – Emeritus (since 2016), Creighton University

Peter Sanchez – Emeritus, Loyla University Chicago

Robert Shaffer – Syracuse University (post doc)

Trey Thomas – West Virginia University

David Weiden – promotion to professor, Metropolitan State University of Denver

Don Zinman – promotion to professor, Grand Valley State University


Recent Placements

Alec Arellano – Occidental College (visiting assistant professor)

Caitlin Andrews-Lee – Tulane University (post-doc)

Christina Bambrick – Clemson University (tenure-track)

Thomas Bell – Knox College (tenure-track)

Zachary Bennett – Michigan State University (post-doc)

Nadine Gibson – University of North Carolina, Wilmington (tenure-track)

Kyosuke Kikuta – Osaka University (tenured)

Carolina Moehlecke – Fundação Getúlio Vargas-São Paolo (near equivalent of tenure-track)

Luke Perez – Arizona State University School of Civic and Economic Thought and Leadership (tenure-track)

German Petersen – ITESO (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Occidente) in Guadalajara (translated as Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education)

Jessica Price – University of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia (tenure-track)

Andy Stravers – Rand Corporation

Joe Tafoya – DePaul University (tenure-track)


Recent Placements

Omar Awarpara – St. Edward’s University (short-term)

Katherine Bersch – Davidson College (tenure track)

Alvaro Corral – College of Wooster (tenure track)

Jake Dizard – UT-Austin, Strauss Center for International Security and Law (postdoc)

Rebecca Eissler – San Francisco State University (tenure track)

Connor Ewing – University of Toronto (multi-year; declined tenure track offer at  Claremont Graduate University)

Alex Hudson – Max Planck Institute, Gottingen, Germany (postdoc)

Anthony Ives – Texas A&M University (multi-year)

Ken Miller – Princeton University, Woodrow Wilson School (postdoc)

Luke Perez – University of Missouri, Kinder Institute (postdoc)

Jessica Price – College of Charleston (short-term)

Matt Rhodes-Purdy – Clemson University (tenure track)

Annelise Russel – University of Kentucky (tenure track)

Robert Shaffer – University of Pennsylvania (World House Postdoctoral Fellow)

Ahmed Siddiqi – Emory University (Marcus Foundation Post-Doctoral Fellowship)

Recent Placements

Giorleny Altamirano – Carnegie Mellon University, Institute of Politics and Strategy (postdoc)

Ayca Arkilic – Victoria University of Wellington, NZ (tenure track)

Clare Brock – Texas Women’s University (tenure track)

Danilo Contreras – College of the Holy Cross (tenure track)

Alvaro Corral – Wooster College, Consortium for Faculty Diversity (postdoc)

Rodolfo Disi Pavlic – Temuco Catholic University (tenure track)

Dana El Kurd – Doha Institute for Graduate Studies (tenure track)

Dooaa’ El nakhala – Technical University of Delft, Netherlands (senior researcher)

John Graeber – High Point University (tenure track)

Ariel Helfer – Wayne State University (tenure track)

Kai-ping Huang – National Taiwan University (tenure track)

Calla Hummel – University of Miami (tenure track)

Jonathan Lewallen – University of Tampa (tenure track)

Ken Miller – SUNY-Geneseo (visiting assistant)

Rachel Navarre – Bridgewater State University (tenure track)

Matt Rhodes-Purdy – Washington University, St. Louis (postdoc)

Christian Sorace – Colorado College (tenure track)

Cathy Wu – Old Dominion University (tenure track)

Recent Placements

Kody Cooper – University of Tennessee-Chattanooga (tenure track)

Kyle Endres – Duke – (postdoc)

Connor Ewing – Program on Constitutionalism and Democracy, University of Virginia (postdoc)

John Graeber – High Point University (visiting assistant)

Aaron Herold – SUNY-Geneseo (tenure track)

Carly Herold – SUNY-Geneseo (multi-year lectureship)

Jeremy Fortier – Miami University of Ohio (visiting assistant)

Riitta Koivumaeki – University of Puget Sound (visiting assistant)

Josiah Marineau – Campbellsville University (tenure track)

Rachel Navarre – Center for Inter-American Policy and Research, Tulane University (postdoc)

Henry Pascoe – IE University School of International Relations, Spain (tenure track)

Steven Pittz – University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (tenure track)

Jessica Price – Center for Inter-American Policy and Research, Tulane University (postdoc)

Laura Rabinowitz – Herbst Program, University of Colorado-Boulder (multi-year lectureship)

Matt Rhodes-Purdy – Boise State (visiting assistant)

Eric Svensen – Sam Houston State (tenure track)

Michelle Whyman – Duke (postdoc)

Recent Placements

Kody Cooper – University of Missouri (postdoc)

Jeremy Fortier – UC-Davis (visiting assistant professor)

Aaron Herold – College of the Holy Cross (visiting assistant professor)

Steven Pittz – University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (visiting assistant professor)

Laura Rabinowitz – University of Toronto (postdoc)

Eric Svensen – Dartmouth College (visiting assistant professor)

Recent Placements

Danilo Contreras – College of the Holy Cross (postdoc)

Ariel Helfer – Michigan State University (visiting assistant professor)

Kai-ping Huang – Center for East Asia Democratic Studies, National Taiwan University (postdoc)

Lewis Fallis – Harvard (postdoc)

JoBeth Shafran – Western Carolina (tenure track)

Recent Placements

Kate Bersch – Stanford University, Center for Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law (2015-2016) and McGill University, Institute for the Study of International Development (2016-2018) (postdoc)

Steven Brooke – Harvard, Kennedy School’s Belfer Center Middle East Initiative (postdoc)

Riitta Koivumaeki – Tulane (postdoc)

Trey Thomas – UT-Arlington (tenure track)

Allison White – Colorado State University (asst prof)

Recent Placements

Steven Brooke — University of Louisville (tenure track)

Peter Harris — Colorado State University (tenure track)

Christian Sorace — Australia National University (Centre for China in the World; postdoc)

Recent Placements

Jeremy Fortier — Clemson University (visiting lecturer)

Pete Mohanty — Stanford University (Thinking Matters Fellow)

Steven Pittz — Emory University (postdoc)

Laura Rabinowitz — University of Toronto (sessional lecturer)

Christian Sorace — Hobart and William Smith Colleges (visiting instructor)

Yuval Weber — Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs at the National Research University, Higher School of Economics, Moscow (tenure track)

Recent Placements

Kody Cooper — Princeton University (postdoc)

Laura Field — American University (lecturer)

Peter Harris — Earlham College (visiting)

Austin Hart — American University (tenure track)

Carly Herold — College of the Holy Cross (postdoc)

Adamy Myers — Providence College (tenure track)

Rachel Sternfeld — Indiana University of Pennsylvania (tenure track)

Allison White — Earlham College (visiting)

Recent Placements

William Blake — Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (tenure track)

Matt Buehler — The University of Tennessee-Knoxville (tenure track)

Luis Camacho-Solis — The German Development Institute, Bonn (Researcher)

Laura Field — Georgetown University (visiting assistant professor)

Regina Goodnow — Univeristy of Wisconsin-La Crosse (tenure track)

Aaron Herold — University of Richmond (John Marshall Visiting Research Fellow)

Daniel Ryan — Fundacion Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (FARN), Buenos Aires, Argentina (Director of Global Change Program)

Randy Uang — University of California-San Francisco (Tobacco Control Researcher)

Kristin Wylie — James Madison University (tenure track)

Recent Placements

Eduardo Dargent — Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (tenure track)

Michael Dennis — National Ground Intelligence Center (Intelligence Specialist)

Stephanie Holmsten — University of Texas at Austin (lecturer, International Relations and Global Studies)

Matt Vandenbroek — The Mellman Group (analyst)

Kristin Wylie — SUNY Geneseo (visiting assistant professor)

Recent Placements

Patrick Hickey, assistant professor, West Virginia University

Taofang Huang, visiting lecturer, Southwestern University

Jacqueline Hunsicker, postdoctoral teaching fellow, University of Houston

Matthew Johnson, research fellow at Tulane University’s Center for Inter-American Policy and Research

Recent Placements

Manuel Balán, McGill University

Laura Field, Faculty Fellow at Rhodes College

Aaron Herold, Postdoc at Rhodes College

Arthur Shuster, Jack Miller Veritas Fund Visiting Assistant Professor, Boston College

Mary Slosar, Senior Analyst at Lake Research Partners in Washington, D.C.

Matthew Wright, Visiting Assisant Professor, Morehead State University

Recent Placements

Giorgi Areshidze, Claremont McKenna College, assistant professor

Chih-shian Liou, National Chengchi University, assistant professor

Susanne Martin, University of Nevada, Reno, assistant professor

Ernest McGowen, University of Richmond, assistant professor

Almond Meng, National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan), assistant professor

Rodrigo Nunes, St. Edward’s University, assistant professor

Brenna Troncoso, McMurry University, assistant professor

Recent Placements

Roy Germano became visiting assistant professor at the New School.

Rodrigo Nunes is visiting assistant professor at St. Edward’s University.

Arthur Shuster received a post-doc at Claremont McKenna College.

Jolie Wood is assistant professor at the Asian University for Women in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Recent Placements

Justin Dyer – University of Missouri-Columbia

Donald Inbody – Texas State University (non-TT)

Hung-chang (Eugene) Kuan – National Taiwan Normal University

Feng-yu Lee – National Taiwan University

Curt Nichols – Baylor University

Recent Placements

David Albert – Austin Community College

Neal Allen – College of Saint Benedict Saint John’s University

Brian Arbour – CUNY John Jay School of Criminal Justice

Brian Brox – Tulane University

Jonathan Chausovsky – SUNY Fredonia

Eunjung Choi – University of South Florida, Tampa

Paul Dehart – Lee University

Oya Dursun-Ozkanca – Elizabethtown College

Julie George – CUNY Queens College

Danny Hayes – Syracuse University

Miryam Hazan – Migration Policy Institute

Rich Holtzman – Bryant University

Ji-Hyang Jang – Seoul National University

Sunila Kale – University of Washington, Jackson School of International Studies, South Asia Center

Julie Lane – South Dakota State University

So Young Lee – Yonsei University

Robert Marbut – Northwest Vista College

Allison Martens – University of Louisville

Seth McKee – University of South Florida, St. Petersburg

Mark McKenzie – Texas Tech University

Clarisa Perez-Armendariz – Bates College

Ayesha Ray – King’s College, Wilkes-Barre

Amy Risley – Rhodes College

Laura Seay – Morehouse College

Jungkun Seo – University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Jennifer Suchland – The Ohio State University

Natasha Sugiyama – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Jeremy Teigen – Ramapo College of New Jersey

Mathieu Turgeon – University of North Texas

Michael Unger – Ramapo College of New Jersey

David Weiden – Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Jongseok Woo – University of West Florida

Muserref Yetim – New York University (non-TT)

Donald Zinman – Grand Valley State University