Economist Features Findley Research

Mike Findley’s research has been featured by The Economist.

The subject of The Economist article is a coauthored paper published by Griffith University’s Centre for Governance and Public Policy, “Global Shell Games: Testing Money Launderers’ and Terrorist Financiers’ Access to Shell Companies.”

The paper tests the effectiveness of international rules mandating that those selling shell companies collect identity documents from their customers. The conclusion states:

“As noted at the outset, organized crime and terrorism depend on financial secrecy. Untraceable shell companies are the most important means of providing this financial secrecy. Recognizing this danger, the international community has responded by mandating that authorities must be able to look through the corporate veil to find the real individuals in control of shell companies. Yet until now, no one has known how effective these policy measures have been. Our study goes a long way to remedy this fundamental ignorance. By identifying the serious weaknesses in the existing regime we hope to provoke governments to much greater efforts in enforcing corporate transparency.”