Experiments Workshop – Undergraduate Session

The Experiments Workshop is hosting a special undergraduate session February 9.

Angie AcquatellaAfrica Map
Title: Assessing the Impact of Maps on Foreign Aid Allocation Decisions

Foreign aid donors allocate billions of dollars of foreign aid each year. Scholars and practitioners question how effective current aid allocation practices are, and have suggested that providing donors with more accessible information will facilitate better decision-making. This project uses a lab experiment to understand how foreign aid allocation decisions change when subjects rely on high-resolution maps of foreign aid as opposed to the standard approach of using spreadsheets or relying on personal stories.

James E. BarrAIM-9_hitting_QF-4B_at_Point_Mugu_1974ington IV
Title: The Effect of Playing First Person Shooter Games on Support for Drone Strikes

This study examines the effect of video games on attitudes towards drone strikes in the Middle East. I argue that playing first person shooter games can desensitize people to civilian casualties of drone strikes. I find support for my hypothesis based on a survey experiment with a large undergraduate sample.