Fall 2015 Comparative Politics Speaker Series and Related Events

September 11 (Friday) – Amy Liu papers workshop. Commentators: Jose Cheibub (U. Illinois), Allen Hicken (U. Michigan), and Eddy Malesky (Duke). Batts 5.102.

September 25-26 (Friday-Saturday) – Graduate Conference in Public Law.

October 2-3 (Friday-Saturday) – Second International Diffusion and Cooperation of Authoritarian Regimes (IDCAR) Network Conference.

October 9 (Friday) – Comparative Politics faculty-student workshop. Kimberly Guiler, “Trusting the Faithful: The Rise of the Pro-Islamist Justice and Development Party in Atatürk’s Turkey.” 2pm in Batts 5.108.

October 15-18 (Thursday-Sunday) – Visit by Professor Andreas Schedler (CIDE). Part of the Latin America speakers series.

October 30 (Friday) – Talk by Professor Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro (Brown University). “Who punishes corruption? Information, sophistication, and partisanship in Argentina and Brazil.” Noon in Batts 5.108. Part of the Latin America speakers series and the Mike Hogg Series in Comparative Politics.

November 6 (Friday) – Comparative Politics faculty-student workshop. Dana El-Kurd, “Political Mobilization in Authoritarian Regimes.” 2pm in Batts 5.108.

December 4 (Friday) – Comparative Politics faculty-student workshop. Rodolfo Disi Pavlic, “Policies, Politics, and Protests: Comparing Student Mobilization in Chile and Peru.” 2pm in Batts 5.108