Fall 2016, and Spring, Summer 2017 PhD Defenses

Giorleny Altamirano-Rayo: Securing Territory: State Interests and the Implementation of Ethnic Land Rights in the Americas

Joseph Amick: Vote Choice in the Presence of Targeted Benefit Transfers: Unpacking the Voter’s Decision-Making Process

Clare Brock: What’s Cooking In Washington? Interest Group Lobbying And The Construction Of Food And Agricultural Policy

Alvaro Corral: Citizenship Politics: Latino Civic Participation Across Generations

Rodolfo Disi Pavlic: Policies, Politics, And Protests: Explaining Student Mobilization In Latin America

Connor Ewing: The Politics Of Sovereignty: Federalism In American Political Development

Calla Hummel: Disobedient Markets: Street Vendors, Enforcement, And State Intervention In Collective Action

Kristin Kelly: The Young American Voter in the New Millennium

Dana El Kurd: International Involvement and Authoritarian Consolidation; The Case of the Palestinian Authority

Jonathan Lewallen: You Better Find Something To Do: Lawmaking and Agenda Setting In a Centralized Congress

Ryan Lloyd: Explaining Resilience in Clientelist Voting

Ken Miller: The Division of Labor in Congressional Campaigns

Xuanxuan Wu: Bargaining In Public: Resolve And Publicity In International Crises