Fall 2017, and Spring, Summer 2018 PhD Defenses

Omar Awapara: The Geography of Free Trade: Explaining Variation in Trade Policy in Latin America

Jake Dizard: The Paradox of Militarization: Democratic Oversight and Military Autonomy in Mexico and Colombia

Rebecca Eissler: Prioritizer-in-Chief: The Role of the President in the Policy Process from Reagan to Obama

Ben Hardee: A Moral Psychological Primary Source Analysis of Brown V. Board of Education

Alex Hudson: The Impact of Public Participation in Constitution Making

Joanne Ibarra: Understanding Perceptions: Latino Party Images and Partisanship

Anthony Ives: Congressional Health, Congressional Failure

Hillel Ofek: A Just Peace: Grover Cleveland, William McKinley, and the Moral Basis of American Foreign Policy

Jerod Patterson: The Politics of the People of God: How Religious Identity and Threat Structure Political Attitudes

Luke Perez: Liberating Faith: American Grand Strategy and the Foundations of International Religious Freedom

Annelise Russell: The Politics of Prioritization: How Twitter Reflects a Senator’s Attention

Robert Shaffer: Power in Text: Extracting Institutional Relationships from Natural Language

Ahmed Siddiqi: Revival, Reform, and Reason in Islam: Alfarabi on the Proper Relationship Between Religion and Politics