Fall 2018, and Spring, Summer 2019 PhD Defenses

Caitlin Andrews-Lee: Charisma Lives On: A Study of Peronism and Chavismo

Alec Arellano: Tocqueville and Mill on Doubt and the Demands of Democratic Citizenship

Christina Bambrick: Horizontal Rights: Constitutionalism and the Transformation of the Private Sphere

Thomas Bell: The Architectonic Constitution: Higher Order Principles and Separation of Powers Conflict

Zach Bennett: Making Virtue Reign: Citizenship and Civic Education in the Political Philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Alex Branham: Public Opinion, Partisanship, and Public Policy

Nadine Gibson: Understanding the Mechanics of Democracy: How to Improve the Quality of Elections in America

Kyosuke Kikuta: Bargaining Over Nature: Formal and Causal Analyses on Climate and Conflict

Andy Stravers: Pork, Parties, and Priorities: Partisan Politics and Overseas Military Deployments

Joe Tafoya: When Latinos Avoid and Accept Risks: The Effect of Risk Attitudes on Policy Views and Political Mobilization