Fall 2019, Spring 2020, Summer 2020 PhD Defenses

Brendan Apfeld: Do Left and Right Differ on Education in Latin America? Explaining Unexpected Convergence

Maraam Dwidar: Power to the Partner: Organizational Coalitions and Minority Representation in American Rulemaking

Carolina Moehlecke: Corporations and Global Regulation: Challenges and Opportunities for State Regulatory Powers 

German Petersen: Origins and Consequences of Corruption Scandals: Evidence from Mexico

Stephen Joyce: Judicial Federalism: A Comparative Study of Its Origin, Operation, and Significance 

John Meyer: One Way to Live: Orde Wingate and the Adoption of ‘Special Forces’ Tactics and Strategies (1903-1940) 

E.J. Fagan: Information Wars: Party Elites, Think Tanks and Polarization in Congress 

Jonathan Wensveen: Making History Safe for Democracy: Understanding Alexis De Tocqueville’s “Profoundly Ambiguous” Theory of History

Charles Zug: Demagoguery and American Constitutionalism