Government Undergraduate Research Fair

The Department of Government hosted its annual undergraduate research fair today. This year the event welcomed a new element – joining the Pickle Research Fellows were researchers from the Innovations for Peace and Development Lab, making for an event featuring 32 aspiring scholars.

2015 GOV Undergrad Research Fair

Government’s 2015 undergraduate research fair featured 32 projects in American, comparative, and international politics.

Projects on display were wide-ranging — studies of the US Congress, lobbying in Australian politics, aid budgets in Africa, voting in Kenya, violence, rhetoric, and so on — and represented a year’s worth of work shepherded through two research courses.

The first, the Pickle Research Apprenticeship, draws off the resources of the Policy Agendas Project and is focused on public policy and congressional studies, primarily in the US context.

The second is a new course tied to the IPD Lab and overseen by Mike Findley. The course is led by an advanced graduate student, and the instructor and Findley supervise student projects.

Many of the projects showed evidence of active collaboration between faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students, with graduate students providing guidance to undergraduates in the design and execution of their research.