Graduate Student Papers at 2012 MPSA

Ayca Arkilic: “An Army in Retreat: The Implications of the Turkish Military’s Retreat for Democracy,” April 13, 4:35 pm.

William Blake: “Judicial Independence on State Supreme Courts: Do Judges
‘Follow the Election Returns’?” April 12, 8 am.

Josh Blank: “Enlightening Preferences: The Selective Emphasis of Campaign Fundamentals,” April 13, 8:30 am.

Clare Brock: “Framing the National School Lunch Program,” April 14,

Matt Buehler: “Safety-Valve Elections and the Arab Spring: the Weakening (and
Resurgence) of Morocco’s Islamist Opposition Party,” April 12, 12:45 pm.

Alvaro Corral: “Uno Como Nosotros: The Importance of Descriptive Represen- tation Among Latinos,” April 12, 4:35 pm.

Kyle Endres: “Self-financed Candidates and How Voters Perceive Them,” April 13,
12:45 pm.

Regina Goodnow: “Explaining Constitutional Origins and Change in Ukraine,” April 13, 2:40 pm.

Victoria Jackson: “Patterns of Electoral Support in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela,” April 15, 8:30 am.

Kristie Kelly: “Obama’s Young Voters and the Shift to the Democratic Party,” April
12, 4:35 pm.

Jennifer Lamm: “Citizenship and Civic Obligation,” April 13, 12:45 pm.

Byung-Jae Lee (with Shinya Wakao and David Leal): “The Case of the Disappearing Latinos: The Consequences of (Non) Ethnic Identification for Understanding Latino
Political Participation in the United States,” April 12, 12:45 pm.

Jon Lewallen: “Congressional Learning and Competition for Bureaucratic Attention,” April 13, 2:40 pm.

Bill McCormick: “Beyond Natural Law Talk,” April 14, 10:25 am.

John Meyer: “Genes, Judgments, and Evolution: The social and political consequences of distributional and differential conflict,” April 14, 2:40 pm.

Megan Moeller: “The Dynamics of Gender, Ideology, and Policy in a Polarized Congress,” April 12, 8:30 am.

Hillel Ofek: “Equity and the Impossibility of Perfect Justice: An Interpretation of Book V of Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics,” April 13, 10:25 am.

Jerod Patterson: “How Religious Group Identity and Feelings of Threat Structure Attitudes toward Religion in Public School Curricula,” April 13, 2:40 pm.

Steven Pittz: “Nietzsche’s Free Spirit and a Politics of Detachment,” April 12, 2:45 pm.

Trey Thomas: “Detecting Policy Communities in the Washington Lobbying Network,” April 15, 10:25 am.

Shinya Wakao (with Scott Moser): “Is Campaigning Local? Campaign Strategy in the 2010 Congressional Race,” April 15, 8:30 am.

Michelle Whyman: “Legislative Durability,” April 12, 8:30 am.