Graduate Student Papers at 2013 MPSA

William Blake: “Summer Doldrums: Seasonal Variation in Success of Supreme Court Certiorari Petitions.” April 12, 2:40 pm.

William Blake: “Does Money Buy Justice?: Campaign Contributions in State Supreme Court Elections.” April 12, 4:35 pm.

Clare Brock: “Bad to the Bone: Rock and Roll and Politicians.” April 13, 2:40 pm.

Danilo Antonio Contreras: “Latent Cleavages in Stratified Societies: Race and Candidate Evaluation in The Dominican Republic.” April 13, 12:45 pm.

Rodolfo Disi Pavlic: “”Uncommitted Hegemons, Discordant States, and the Inconsistent Role of the Organization of American States in Defending Democracy in Latin America.” April 12, 12:45 pm.

Peter Harris (with Peter Trubowitz): “When States Appease: A Comparative Analysis of British and American Appeasement in the 1930s.” April 13, 10:25 am.

Ariel Helfer: “Corrupting the Young: What Alcibiades Learned from Socrates.”  April 13th, 12:45 pm.

Jennifer Lamm: “Military Exceptionalism?: What the Disparity in Public Support for the Military and College Provisions of the DREAM Act Tells Us About the Forms of National Service Viewed as Citizenship Worthy.” April 13, 10:25 am.

Ryan Lloyd: “The Decline of Traditional Clientelist Parties: The Case of the Partido da Frente Liberal in Brazil.” April 14, 10:25 am.

Luke Perez: “Philosophy, Theology, and Authority: Catholic Considerations on the Theological-Political Problem.” April 14, 8:30 am.

Katie Putnam: “The Absent Debate: Crime and the 2012 Presidential Election in Mexico.” April 13, 12:45 pm.

Eric Svensen: “Consensus and Conflict: Unified Government, Divided Government, and Distributive Spending.” April 12, 10:25 am.

Joe Roberto Tafoya: “Watching and Learning from the Shadows: The Political Sophistication of College Age Undocumented Latinos.” April 12, 2:40 pm.

Trey Thomas: “Just How Many Newt Gingrich’s Are There on K Street?: Estimating the True Size and Shape of Washington’s Revolving Door.” April 11, 10:25 am.