Graduate Students Presenting at 2011 MPSA

Carly Baruh: “On the Foundations of Socratic Political Science: Learning and Recollection in Plato’s Meno.” Friday, April 1, 2:40 pm.

Josh Blank: “The Selective Activation of Partisanship: A Look Inside the Black Box of Candidate Strategy.” Thursday, March 31, 2:40 pm.

Emma Deputy: “Anti Gamila: The Politics of Sexual Harassment in Egypt.” Saturday, April 2, 8:30 am.

Austin Hart and Matt Vandenbroek: “Portrait of an Economic Voter, 1980-2008.” Thursday, March 31, 4:35 pm.

Patrick Hickey: “Beyond Pivotal Politics: Constituency, Vulnerability, and Challenged Vetoes.” Friday, April 1, 8:30 am.

Matt Johnson: “Local Governance, Electoral Success, and the Resource Curse.” Thursday, March 31, 2:40 pm.

Sarat Krishnan: “Suicide Attacks – Opportunistic Tactic or Strategic Campaign?” Thursday, March 31, 8:30 am (with Ami Pedahzur and Bobby Jenkins).

Jennifer Lamm: “Citizenship, Democratic Theory, and the Place of Non-Citizen Soldiers, Alien Veterans, and their Families in the United States.” Thursday, March 31, 10:25 am.

Megan Moeller: “All the Republican Ladies, Now Put Your Hands Up: The Effect of Gender on Ideology in Roll Call Votes.” American Politics Poster Session, Thursday, March 31, 2:40 pm.

Pete Mohanty and Dorothy Morgan: “Space or Hierarchy? How is Context Influencing My Data?” Methodology Poster Session, Thursday, March 31, 10:25 am.

Pete Mohanty: “How Does Public Opinion on Immigration Relate to Security, Universalism, and Community?” Thursday, March 31, 12:45 pm.

Jessica Price: “Indigenous Political Engagement and Dominant Party Breakdown in Southern Mexico: Institutions, Ethnic Identity, and Collective Action.” Saturday, April 2, 12:45 pm.

JoBeth Shafran: “Unpredictability in Legislative Decision Making: When Ideological Voting Patterns Fail to Predict Roll Call Votes.” Saturday, April 2, 4:35 pm.

Alexandra Sowash: “Domestic Power and the Structure of China’s Foreign Trade with Africa.” Saturday, April 2, 8:30 am.

Trey Thomas: “The Market Effects of Corporate Testimony in Congressional Hearings.” Sunday, April 3, 8:30 am.

Shinya Wakao: “Politics, Consumer Confidence, and the Stock Market.” Sunday, April 3, 8:30 am.

Matthew Wright: “The Political Common Good: Recent Formal and Substantive Arguments in Aristotelian Political Theory.” Friday, April 1, 12:45 pm.

Kristin Wylie: “Institutional Change and Sacrificial Lambs: Explaining the Underperformance of Female Candidates to the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies in 2010.” Sunday, April 3, 10:25 am.