Greg Michener: Recent Publications and Transparency Program Update

Recent publications by Greg Michener:

2018  Gauging the Impact of Transparency Policies. PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION RE-VIEW, 79 (1): 1-148

2017  Forest Governance without Transparency? Evaluating state efforts to reduce deforesta-tion in the Brazilian Amazon. ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY AND GOVERNANCE, 27(6): 560-574 (with Eduardo Bizzo)

2018  From Opacity to Transparency? Evaluating Access to Information in Brazil Five Years Later. REVISTA DE ADMINISTRAÇÃO PÚBLICA, 52(4) (with Evelyn Contreras and Irene Niskier)

Michener runs the Transparency at Brazil’s Fundacao Getulia Vargas, which has contributed two findings that have resulted in policy innovations by the Brazilian federal government: 1) a field experiment (paper now under review) provides evidence to show that public officials are identity-questing (Googling) freedom of information (FOI) petitioners and responding in preferential ways based on identities. As a result, the federal government now provides FOI petitioners with the option of protecting their identities. The is a first in Latin America. See the OECD policy innovation piece written on it; 2) Close to a thousand FOI requests and corresponding responses (or the lack thereof) show a significant positive relationship between the use of FOI request-and-response platforms and the likelihood and quality of responses. This is the first finding of its kind anywhere, and has spurred the Brazilian federal government to create a nation-wide request-and-response platform.