Longhorn 2014 Midwest Papers

Bethany Albertson: “Religious Identity and Political Choices.” Thurs., 10:25 am.

Neal Allen: “Successfully Navigating the Politics of Race in the 1950s and 1960s: Future Congressional Leaders and Civil Rights Legislation.” Thurs., 8:30 am.

Neal Allen: “Future Congressional Leaders and the Politics of Race: Bob Dole, Jim Wright, Carl Albert and Civil Rights Legislation 1964-68.” Thurs., 2:40 pm.

Caitlin Andrews: “Does Ideology Matter? The Structure and Impact of Ideology on Argentina’s Peronist Divide.” Sat., 4:35 pm.

Brian Arbour and Mark McKenzie: “Polarizing Attacks or Sleepy Affairs? Campaign Messaging in the State Supreme Court and Trial Court Campaigns in 2012 and 2013.” Sun., 8:30 am.

Ayca Arkilic: “The Limits of Diaspora Politics: Examining Turkish Migrant Organizations’ Perceptions of the Turkish State in Europe.” Thurs., 12:45 pm.

Manuel Balan: “Loaded Images: A Comparative Look at Media Bias and Polarization in Latin America through the Analysis of Images.” Sat., 4:35 pm.

Clare Brock: “Lobbyists and Legislators: Bribery or Best Friends?” Sat., 8:30 am.

Rebecca Eissler: “Raising the Issue: an Analysis of Agenda-Setting Influence Between the President and Congress on Social Security.” Sat., 4:35 pm.

Kyle Endres: “Persuadable Voters in the 2012 Election.” Sun., 10:25 am.

Mike Findley: “Economic or Political Competition for Investment?” Fri., 2:40 pm.

Mike Findley (Media and Politics Poster with undergraduates Caroline Thomas and Raymond Weyandt): “Global Media Bias in Depictions of Poverty and Underdevelopment.” Sat., 12:45 pm.

Ken Greene: “Using Responses from List Experiments as Explanatory Variables in Regression Models.” Thurs., 2:40 pm.

Austin Hart: “Who Cares about Policy? The Effect of Candidate Position-Taking in New Democracies.” Fri., 12:45 pm.

Danny Hayes: “How Uncompetitive Elections and Media Consolidation Impoverish the News and Imperil Democracy.” Thurs., 10:25 am.

Danny Hayes: “Roundtable: Present or Absent? (Re-)Evaluating the Role of Gender Stereotyping in Contemporary U.S. Campaigns and Elections.” Sat., 10:25 am.

Danny Hayes: “(De)Mobilizing Winners and Losers? Major Policy Enactments and Political Participation.” Sat., 12:45 pm.

Alex Hudson: “The Hourglass Revisited: The Dimensions of Public Participation in Constitutional Drafting.” Sat., 4:35 pm.

Riitta-Ilona Koivumaeki: “Evading the Constraints of Globalization: Oil & Gas Nationalization in Bolivia and Venezuela.” Fri., 12:45 pm.

David Leal: “Roundtable: Balancing Teaching and Research.” Thurs., 2:40 pm.

David Leal and Eric McDaniel: “Latinos, Religion, and Partisanship: How Denomination and Belief Shape Assessments of the Parties, Candidates, and Elected Officials.” Fri., 2:40 pm.

Jonathan Lewallen: “”Committee Competition for Agenda Space.” Fri., 4:35 pm.

Jonathan Lewallen, Sean Theriault, and Bryan Jones: “Congressional Dysfunction: An Information Processing Perspective.” Sat., 8:30 am.

Tse-min Lin: “Event Count Analysis vs. Item Response Theory: A Comparative Investigation.” Thurs., 2:40 pm.

Ryan Lloyd: “Clientelist and Programmatic Voting in Brazil.” Fri., 12:45 pm.

Bob Luskin: “Deliberation and Learning: Evidence from Deliberative Polls.” Fri., 10:25 am.

Bob Luskin and Pete Mohanty: “Deliberating across National Boundaries: A Study of Two Pan-European Deliberative Polls.” Thurs., 2:40 pm.

Raul Madrid and Matthew Rhodes-Purdy: “Ethnicity, Populism, and Democratic Satisfaction in Latin America.” Thurs., 10:25 am.

Lawrence Mayer: “Individual Determinants of the Politics of Identity in Advanced Western Democracies.” Sat., 2:30 pm.

Dan McCormack: “A Bargain at Twice the Price: Differential Costs of Bargaining and Foreign-Imposed Regime Change.” Thurs., 8:30 am.

Eric McDaniel, Rebecca Eissler, and Annelise Russell: “Minority Representation and Minority Health.” Sat., 2:40 pm.

Ken Miller: “Horserace Coverage and Selective Exposure.” Fri., 10:25 am.

Pete Mohanty: “How Does the Rate of Change Affect Attitudes About Immigration?” Thurs., 12:45 pm.

Scott Moser: “Reconsidered collective choice.” Thurs., 10:25 am.

Scott Moser: “Modeling preferences using legislative voting in the presence of missing data.” Thurs., 4:35 pm.

Rob Moser and Allison White: “Voter Turnout in Russia: A Tale of Three Elections.” Thurs., 4:35 pm.

Henry Pascoe and Dan McCormack: “Sanctions and Preventive War.” Sat., 8:30 am.

Daron Shaw: “What’s (Mostly) Right about American Elections: Results from a National Survey of Local Election Administrators.” Fri., 8:30 am.

Daron Shaw and Josh Blank: “How Does Scientific Research Influence Americans’ Issue Opinions?” Sun., 8:30 am.

Daron Shaw, Brian Roberts, Taofang Huang, and Mijeong Baek: “Does Information about Candidate Contributions Influence Vote Choice?” Thurs., 10:25 am.

Mine Tafolar: “Political Parties as Problem Solving Networks in Turkey.” Thurs., 12:45 pm.

Mine Tafolar: “Making the State Pay: The Family Insurance Program and Turkey’s Republican People’s Party.” Sun., 10:25 am.

Sean Theriault: “Partisan Warriors: The Ugly Side of Party Polarization in Congress.” Fri., 8:30 am.

Trey Thomas: “Agenda Contagion in the Policy Process: Theoretical and Empirical Foundations.” Sat., 4:35 pm.

Rachel Wellhausen: “Modern Day Merchant Guilds: Supply Chain Complexity and Informal Property Rights Enforcement.” Thurs., 12:45 pm.

Rachel Wellhausen: “Anticipating Settlement: Foreign Firms and Territorial Disputes.” Thurs., 2:40 pm.

Michelle Whyman: “The End of Law in an Age of Omnibus Legislation.” Sat., 2:40 pm.

David Williams: “Spinoza’s Republic of Love.” Sat., 10:25 am.

Chris Wlezien: “Public Opinion and Policy Representation: On Conceptualization, Measurement, and Interpretation.” Thurs., 2:40 pm.

Chris Wlezien: “Roundtable: The Future of U.S. Presidential Election Forecasting.” Fri., 8:30 am.

Chris Wlezien: “The Timeline of Elections in Comparative Perspective.” Fri., 12:45 pm.

Scott Wolford: “The Distribution of Capabilities, War Onset, and War Expansion.” Thurs., 8:30 am.

Scott Wolford: “Credibility, Deterrence, and Conflict Expansion.” Thurs., 8:30 am.

Xuanxuan Wu: “Revisionist Ally in Crisis Bargaining: To Support or Not to Support.” Thurs., 8:30 am.