Longhorn 2015 APSA Papers

Thursday, 8am

Steven Brooke and Jason Brownlee. “Measuring Preference Falsification: Results from a List Experiment in Egypt”

Matt Buehler. “Do You Have “Connections” at the Courthouse? An Original Survey of Citizen Attitudes of Wasta and Judicial Decision-Making in Morocco”

Jonathan Lewallen. “Congressional Agenda Setting in a Centralized Era”

Nitya Rao. “Endorsements in the 2012 Republican Primaries: Testing the Impact of Elite Signaling”

David Williams. “Economic Inequality and Rousseau’s General Will”

Chris Wlezien. “From Polls to Votes to Seats: Forecasting the 2015 British General Election”

Thursday, 10:15am

Marc Hetherington. “The Polarization in Perceptions of Presidential Candidate Traits, 1980-2012”

Bob Luskin. “Deliberation, Homogenization, and Polarization”

Bat Sparrow. The Strategist: Author meets critics

Thursday, 2pm

Michael Rivera. “Cryptic Positives: Why Republican States Pass Pro-Immigrant Policies”

Robert Shaffer and Zach Elkins. “An Evaluation of Measures of Textual Similarity”

Thursday, 4:15pm

Terry Chapman, Rachel Wellhausen, and Riitta-Ilona Koivumaeki. “International Law and FDI: Can Compliance Bring Investment Back?”

Shannon Bow O’Brien. “Obama’s Rhetoric: Confronting Race in the Age of Post-racialism”

Bat Sparrow and Shannon Bow O’Brien. “Not “Born Free”: Class and Servitude at the Founding”

Friday, 7:30am

Eugene Gholz. “Measuring Key Concepts in Sanctions Research: China, Japan, and Rare-Earths”

Jonathan Lewallen. “Congressional Bureaucracy: What Leads Legislators to Seek Out Policy Analysis”

Chris Wlezien. “On the Sources of Public Responsiveness to Policy”

Friday, 9:30am

Dan Brinks and Abby Blass. “Judicial Autonomy, Authority: Theory & Measures in Comparative Judicial Politics”

Mike Findley. “Foreign Aid and the Intensity of Violent Armed Conflict”

Friday, 2:30pm

Abby Blass. “Weak Review, Strong Courts: Judicial Influence Reconsidered”

Kody Cooper. “Staunch Holism and the Declaration of Independence”

Juliet Hooker. “Racial (In)Justice from Ferguson to the Favelas”

Alan Kuperman. “LibyaĀs Disastrous Rebellion: Moral Hazard Redux?”

Kurt Weyland. “Facing Contentious Waves: The Threat Perceptions of Autocrats”

Friday, 4:30pm

Pat McDonald. “Complementary Commitment Problems, War, and International Political Structure”

Saturday, 8am

Clare Brock. “Differential Strategies: Lobbying in the Agriculture Subsystem”

Alvaro Corral, David Leal, and Joe Tafoya. “Emerging Dimensions of Latino Politics: The Case of Religion and the “Nones”

Riitta-Ilona Koivumaeki. “The Constraints of Radicalism: Politics of Expropriation in Latin America”

Annelise Russell.”Congressional Cues: Singaling Policy and Political Information in 140 Characters”

Saturday, 10:15am

Ayca Arkilic. “Diffusion, Policy & Impact: Including the Religious ‘Other’ in Turkey & Germany”

Ken Greene. “Why Vote Buying Fails: Campaign Effects, Brokers, and the Elusive Swing Voter”

Xiaobo Lu. “Elite Mobilization and Social Policymaking in Authoritarian Regime: Evidence from China’s National Assemblies (1983–2007)”

Matt Rhodes-Purdy. “Participatory Populism: Participatory Institutions in Bolivarian Venezuela”

Cathy Wu. “Promise and Preference: Leader and Domestic Audiences in Crisis Bargaining”

Saturday, 2pm

Jonathan Chausovsky. “”Free Incorporation and Political Processes in the New York State 1846 Convention”

Julie George and Jeremy Teigen. “Detecting Defections: The Causes of Party Breakdown in Georgia, 2003-2012”

Danny Hayes. “Perpetuating the Problem: How Bias Frames Affect Women’s Electoral Prospects”

Greg Michener. “Who’s Asking? The Politics of Transparency and Identity”

Pete Mohanty and Bob Luskin. “European v. National Identity at the Dawn of the Financial Crisis”

Jessica Price. “Pragmatic Protest: Clientelism and Strategic Demands by Ethnic Minorities”

Sean Theriault. “He’s a Warrior, She’s a Warrior: Gender and Legislative Style in the U.S. Senate”

Saturday, 4:15pm

Bethany Albertson. “Faith or Party: The Centrality of Religious Identity in American Politics”

Danny Hayes. “How the Media Distort Beliefs about the Causes of Women’s Under-representation”

Lorraine Pangle. “Aristotle and the Intellectual Virtues”

Thomas Pangle. “Xenophon on Heracles’ Choice Between the Life of Virtue and the Life of Vice”

Sean Theriault. “Polarization, Foreign Travel, and the Decline of Trust within Congress”

Sunday, 8am

Henry Pascoe. “Counterterrorism Aid Delegation and International Agreements”

Joe Tafoya. “DACA, De-Americanization, and the Stickiness of Identity”

Catherine Weaver and Mike Findley. “Development Aid Decision-Making with Geospatial Data: An Experimental Study”

Scott Wolford. “Intra-Elite Bargains and the Character of Democratic Foreign Policy”

Sunday, 10:15am

Bruce Buchanan. “An Expectations Theory of Presidential Assessment”

Kyle Endres and Kristin Kelly. “The Effects of Campaign Strategy on Marginalized Groups in the 2012 Election”

Stephen Jessee. “Issues in Bridging Ideology Estimation”