Longhorn 2015 MPSA Papers

Thursday, 9:45 am.

Bethany Albertson. “Out and Running?: The Electoral Consequences of Politicians’ Disclosure of LGBT Status.” Thursday, 9:45 am.

Thomas Bell. “Taking a Break from Constitutional Authority?: Toward a Relational Understanding of the Recess Appointments Clause.” Thursday, 9:45 am.

Ross Buchanan. “How and Why European Immigration Policies Change.” Thursday, 9:45 am.

Connor Ewing. “Federalism, The Separation of Power(s), and the Puzzle of Constitutional Authority.” Thursday, 9:45 am.

Rachel German. “Misinformation and Climate Change: The Relativity of Being Informed.” Thursday, 9:45 am.

Xiaobo Lü. “Social Policymaking in Authoritarian Institutions: The Evolution of Delegates’ Behaviors’ in the National Assemblies, 1983-2007.” Thursday, 9:45 am.

Pete Mohanty. “How has Europe Tightened Immigration Since the Eurocrisis?: A Comparative Analysis of Entry, Residency, and Nationality.” Thursday, 9:45 am.

Maggie Moslander. “Constitutional Politics and the Federal Bureaucracy.” Thursday, 9:45 am.

Christina Noriega. “Deconstructing Constitutional Legitimacy.” Thursday, 9:45 am.

Robert Shaffer. “Constitutional Delegation and Political Conflict: Lessons on Institutional Design from Bureaucratic Politics.” Thursday, 9:45 am.

Thursday, 11:30 am.

Austin Hart. “Held to a Higher Standard?: The Prevalence of Policy and Performance Voting in Emerging Democracies.” Thursday, 11:30 am.

Ariel Helfer. “Nobility and Lawlessness: The Problematic Case of Alcibiades’ Political Ambition.” Thursday, 11:30 am.

Carly Herold. “Cicero’s New Virtue: Decorum as a Response to the Decline of Republican Politics and the Problem of Ambition.” Thursday, 11:30 am.

Anna Law. “The Alien and Sedition Laws of 1798 as a Window to 19th Century Immigration Federalism.” Saturday, 9:45 am.

Patti Maclachlan. “The Japanese Farm Vote in Flux: The Causes and Consequences of JA’s Declining Electoral Influence.” Thursday, 11:30 am.

Pete Mohanty and Bob Luskin. “Deliberating across National Boundaries: A Study of Two Pan-European Deliberative Polls.” Thursday, 11:30 am.

Laura Rabinowitz. “Plato and the virtue of Moderation.” Thursday, 11:30 am.

Brian Roberts and Timothy Werner. “Political Uncertainty and the Returns to Corporate Lobbying.” Thursday, 11:30 am.

Thursday, 1:15 pm.

Dan McCormack and Josh Blank. “An Experimental Evaluation of Leader and Experience as Costly Signal.” Thursday, 1:15 pm.

Tasha Philpot. “A New Face to the Race Card?: Race Cues and Attitudes toward Equality.” Thursday, 1:15 pm.

Thursday, 3pm.

Bethany Albertson, “Religious Identity and Religious Knowledge: The Case of the Disappearing Protestants.” Thursday, 3 pm.

Peter Harris. “Problems with Power-Transition Theory: Beyond the Vanishing Disparities in Power Thesis.” Thursday, 3 pm.

Tse-min Lin. “Comparing Two Dependent Proportions in Electoral Polls.” Thursday, 3 pm.

Devin Stauffer. “On ‘Classical Natural Right’ in Leo Strauss’s Natural Right and History.” Thursday, 3 pm.

Chris Wlezien. “Do Voters Update their Perceptions of Party Positions in Response to Voting Patterns in the European Parliament?” Thursday, 3pm.

Thursday, 4:45 pm.

Eric McDaniel. “Trust and Health: Institutional Trust and Attitudes towards Vaccination.” Thursday, 4:45 pm.

Allison White. “Voter Mobilization and Ethnic Minorities in Russia: An (Un)breakable Link?” Thursday, 4:45 pm.

Friday, 8 am.

Eric Svensen. “Something to Fight About: Government Spending and Party Polarization in Congress.” Friday, 8 am.

Sean Theriault. “Partisan Warriors: The Ugly Side of Party Polarization in Congress.” Friday, 8 am.

Friday, 9:45 am.

Bob Luskin. “Less (or Even More) Ignorant than We Have Thought?: Hidden Knowledge (versus Veiled Ignorance) in Conventional Measures of Political Knowledge.” Friday, 9:45 am.

Henry Pascoe. “Counter-Terrorism Aid Delegation and International Agreements.” Friday, 9:45 am.

Chris Wlezien. “Political Parties and the Evolution of Electoral Preferences,” Friday, 9:45 am.

Friday, 11:30 am.

Robert Shaffer, Trey Thomas, Michelle Whyman, JoBeth Shafran, and Bryan Jones. “Attribute Uncertainty and the U.S. Financial Crisis.” Friday, 11:30 am.

Friday, 1:15 pm.

Kyosuke Kikuta. “When Does a Natural Disaster Become Endogenous?: The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami, Housing Reconstruction, and Violence in Sri Lanka.” Friday, 1:15 pm.

Jonathan Lewallen. “Congressional Committees and a Crowded Agenda.” Friday, 1:15 pm.

Friday, 3 pm.

Kristie Kelley and Kyle Endres. “Contract and Outreach: The Effects of Campaign Strategy on Marginalized Groups in the 2012 Election.” Friday, 3 pm.

Friday, 4:45 pm.

Alec Arellano.” Locke and Plato’s Eleatic Stranger on the Origins and Limits of Law.” Friday, 4:45 pm.

David Leal and Jeremy Teigen. “Military Veterans and the Vote: The Implications of Changing American Demography.” Friday, 4:45 pm.

Josiah Marineau. “The Effects of Subnational Aid on Tax Compliance: A Comparison of Uganda and Malawi.” Friday, 4:45 pm.

Nicholas Duggan. “On Socrates’s Method of Pursuing Knowledge: How Socratic Philosophy Can Provide a Model for a Scientific Political Theory.” Friday, 4:45 pm.

Saturday, 8 am.

Ayca Arkilic. “Integrating the Religious ‘Other’: The Political Inclusion of the Alevi Community in Turkey and in Germany.” Saturday, 8 am.

Clare Brock. “Legislators, Lobbyists, and Bureaucrats: The Sequential and Strategic Nature of Lobbying.” Saturday, 8 am.

Jonathan Lewallen, Sean Theriault, and Bryan Jones. “Congressional Dysfunction and the Decline of Problem Solving.” Saturday, 8 am.

Dan McCormack and Steven Brooke. “Enriching Friends and Impoverishing Enemies: An Empirical Test of Politicized Budgeting.” Saturday, 8 am.

Saturday, 9:45 am, Undergraduate Posters.

Olivia Arena (undergraduate). “Urbanization and Infrastructure: How Urban Population Change Affects Infrastructure Spending in Developing Countries.” Saturday, 9:45 am.

Daniel Chapman (undergraduate). “Constituency Development Fund, or Campaign Development Fund?: A Look at the 2007 Kenyan Parliamentary Election.” Saturday, 9:45 am.

Louchin Chi (undergraduate). “The Effects of Budget Support on Recipient Governments’ National Budgets and Development Goals.” Saturday, 9:45 am.

Caroline Thomas (undergraduate). “Chinese Finance in Africa: The Relationship between Foreign Direct Investment and Development Aid in sub-Saharan Africa.” Saturday, 9:45 am.

Raymond Weyandt (undergraduate). “Dollars for Dissent: Foreign Aid and Nonviolent Conflict in Aid Recipient Countries.” Saturday, 9:45 am.

Saturday, 11:30 am.

Brian Brox. “Who’s The Messenger: The Impact of News Sources on Political Information Across Generations.” Saturday, 11:30 am.

Amy Liu. “When Migrants Favor Host Nationals over Coethnics: The Effects of Familial Networks.” Saturday, 11:30 am.

Bob Luskin and Pete Mohanty. “How Deliberation Changes Policy Attitudes: Learning versus Diversity.” Saturday, 11:30 am.

Trey Thomas. “Cashing In: The Value of Government Service for Revolving Door Lobbyists.” Saturday, 11:30 am.

Saturday, 1:15 pm.

Allison White. “From Party System Weakness to Dominance: The Case of United Russia.” Saturday, 1:15 pm.

Saturday, 3 pm.

Steven Brooke. “Mr. Morsi’s Machine: Social Service Provision and Islamist Mobilization in Egypt’s 2012 Presidential Election.” Saturday, 3 pm.

Austin Hart. “Access to Water Improves Girls’ Educational Attainment: Evidence from Tanzania.” Saturday, 3 pm.

Saturday, 4:45 pm.

Daniel McCormack and Henry Pascoe. “Sanctions, Arms Races, and Power Asymmetry.” Saturday, 4:45 pm.

David Williams. Roundtable on Ruth Groff’s Ontology Revisited: Metaphysics in Social and Political Philosophy. Saturday, 4:45 pm.

Sunday, 8 am.

Ilana Lifshitz. “The Impact of Social Groups on Socioeconomic Legal Change: The Case Study of South African Health and Housing Litigation.” Sunday, 8 am.

Sunday, 9:45 am.

Daniel Franklin. “What do Conservatives (and Liberals) Want?: Presidential Rankings as a Reflection of Contemporary Ideological Bias.” Sunday, 9:45 am.

Daron Shaw and Jeremy Teigen. “Role of Place in Suburban vs. Urban Voting: How Residential Density Patterns Shape Voting and Party Registration.” Sunday, 9:45 am.

Sunday, 11:30 am.

Alex Branham. “Partisan Feedback and the Opinion-Policy Loop.” Sunday, 11:30 am.

David Edwards. “Creating Policy-Relevant Interpretive Theory.” Sunday, 11:30 am.

Nadine Gibson. “The Reality of Restrictive Contribution Laws: A Look at State Bribery Arrest Counts.” Sunday, 11:30 am.