Longhorn 2016 MPSA Papers

Thursday, 9:45 am

David Edwards: “The Promise of Constructivism for Policy Study and Recommendation”

Jonathan Graeber: “Fighting Over Membership: Party Competition and the Choice of Citizenship Policy in Europe”

Thursday, 11:30 am

Jonathan Lewallen and Scott Moser: “Bidding for Attention: Effort, Efficiency, and Oversight in Legislative Committees”

Thursday, 1:15 pm

Kyle Endres: “Issue Based Appeals and the Demobilization of the Opposition Party”

Kyle Endres: “Cross-Pressure and Voting Behavior: Results from Randomized Survey and Field Experiments”

Daniel Franklin and David Prindle: “The Politics of Deception”

Friday, 1:15 pm

David Edwards: “Representation, Inequality, and New Social Movements”

Patrick Hickey: “Contested Primaries and Congressional Behavior”

Friday, 3 pm

John Bullock: Roundtable discussion of Arthur Lupia’s Uninformed: Why People Know So Little About Politics and What We Can Do About It

Saturday, 8 am

Ken Miller: “The Divided Labor of Attack Advertising in Congressional Campaigns”

Saturday, 11:30 am

Jonathan Graeber and Pete Mohanty: “Integration via Control: Immigrant Policy and State Structure in Europe”

Saturday, 1:15 pm

Alex Branham and Christopher Wlezien: “When do the Rich Win?”

Kyle Endres: “Risky Business: Does Corporate Political Giving Affect Consumer Behavior?”

Jonathan Lewallen and Scott Moser: “Agendas, Solutions, and Legislative Organization”

Saturday, 4:45 pm

Patrick Hickey: “Mass Polarization in the U.S.: Neither Myth nor Monster”

Sunday, 9:45 am

John Bullock: “Americans’ Knowledge of the U.S. Supreme Court”

Patrick Hickey: “The American President as an Information Shortcut”

Sunday, 11:30 am

Jonathan Lewallen: “Lawmaking and Agenda Setting in a Centralized Congress”