Longhorn APSA 2017 Papers

Bethany Albertson: “Conspiracies, Electoral Fraud, and Political Support”

Alison Craig: “The Secret of Senate Holds: Historical Analysis and Quantification of the Impact of Holds”

Derek Epp: “Defining and Assessing the Efficiency of State Governments”

Zach Elkins: “Strange Bedfellows: The Paradox of State Religion and Religious Freedom”

Michael Findley: “Awareness and Targeting of Development Aid Projects By Rebel Groups”

John Gerring: “Ideology and Context: Does Scale Matter?”

Ken Greene: “How Voters View Payoff: Vote-Buying Attempts in Turkey’s 2011 General Election”

Stephanie Holmsten and Rob Moser: “The Election of Ethnic Minorities to Non-Ethnic Parties”

Wendy Hunter: “Diffusion Dynamics and Design Diversity”

Gary Jacobsohn: Anchoring and Sailing: Contrasting Imperatives of Constitutional Revolution”

Stephen Jessee: “Constrained Constituencies: Individual- and Constituency-Level Public Opinion”

Jay Kao and Xiaobo Lü: “A Tale of Two Regimes? Taxation and Accountability in China and Taiwan”

Bob Luskin: “The Waters of Casablanca: Political Misinformation (and Knowledge and Ignorance)”

Raul Madrid: “The Perils of Personalism: Presidential Dominance and Democracy in Latin America”

Jereny Mendoza: “The Incremental Shift Toward Less Restrictive Felon Disenfranchisement Laws”

Annelise Russell: “Politics of Prioritization: Senators’ Attention Allocation on Twitter”

Zeynep Somer-Topcu: “Is Timing Everything? The Performance Effects of Party Leadership Changes”

Bat Sparrow: “Exiting Early America; Fleeing Servants, Poor Whites, and Squatters, 1700-1830”

Sean Theriault: “Problem Creators in Congress”

Rachel Wellhausen: “The Distributional Effects of Foreign Investment on Political Risk”

Christopher Wlezien: “Election Forecasting and Lead Time: A Global Perspective”