Longhorn APSA 2018 Papers

Bethany Albertson: “Fragile Norms: Support for the Electoral Process, a Free Press and the Rule of Law”

Caitlin Andrews-Lee: “Revival, Not Routinization: The Politics of Charismatic Leader Succession”

Alec Arrelano: “Tocqueville and Pascal on Reason and Democratic Politics”

Katherine Bersch: “Bureaucrats as Experts: A Latent Variable Model of Bureaucrat Autonomy in Brazil”

Katherine Bersch: “Bureaucratic Autonomy in Brazilian Federal Agencies: Development and Decay”

Christine Bird: “Disability Rights Movements in the United States”

Steven Brooke: “The Politicization of Local Religious Infrastructures: Evidence from Egypt”

Jason Brownlee: “Smart People, Dumb War: America’s Intervention in Iraq”

Matt Buehler: “Pocketbook Prejudice? Xenophobia Towards African Migrants in the Middle East”

Alvaro Corral: “Latino Racial Group Consciousness and the Link to Political Participation”

Alison Craig: “Running from Washington: Policy Collaboration as Symbolic Representation”

Maraam Dwidar: “(Not So) Strange Bedfellows? Diversity in Lobbying Coalitions and Policy Success”

Justin Dyer: “The Political Theology of the American Founding”

Zach Elkins: Roundtable – “Perspectives on Language, Multilingualism, and Democracy”

Kyle Endres: “A Field Experiment on Virginia’s Photo Identification Requirements”

Derek Epp: “Driving While Black: A Hierarchical Bayesian Latent Threshold Model of Suspicion”

Connor Ewing: “The Judicial Construction of Federalism”

Rhonda Evans: “Case Salience of the High Court of Australia’s Agenda, 1995-2016”

Jasmine Farrier: “Federal Courts Will Not Save Congress from the President”

Mike Findley: “Experimental Evidence on Ethnic Identification and Ethnic Deception”

Mike Findley: “Territorial Control and Terrorism During Civil Wars”

Julie George: “The Role of Social Networks in Postcommunist Party Defections”

John Gerring and Brendan Apfeld: “Democracy: A Study in Long-Term Diffusion”

John Gerring: “Infrastructure Investments: A Regime Factor”

Kimberly Guiler: “From Prison to Parliament: Evidence from Turkey and Tunisia”

Danny Hayes: Roundtable – “How to Write About Your Research for the Monkey Cage”

Danny Hayes: “Bad News for Local News: Public Attitudes Toward Local Media in the Trump Era”

Ariel Helfer: “The Life and Death of Democracy in Plato’s ‘Republic’”

Patrick Hickey: “Ideological Extremity in Congress”

Calla Hummel: “Do Informal Workers Benefit from Mega-Events?”

Kyosuke Kikuta: “A New Geography of Civil War: Machine Learning Approach to Defining War Zones”

Kyosuke Kikuta: “The Electoral Consequences of Disaster Relief: Rain as an Instrument”

Kyosuke Kikuta and Mike Findley: “Conceptualizing and Measuring Territorial Control”

Hans-Inge Lango: “Conformity or Conflict: International Sources of Civil War Onset”

David Leal and Jeremy Teigen: “Veteran Electoral Engagement: The Roles of Generation, Race/Ethnicity and Gender”

Amy Liu: Roundtable – “Perspectives on Language, Multilingualism, and Democracy”

Xiaobo Lu: “The Sources of Property Tax Compliance and Political Attitudes”

Bob Luskin: “Reconsidering Political Knowledge and Misinformation”

Ernest McGowen: “The Effect of Suburban Residence on African American Political Behavior”

Pete Mohanty: Short Course – “Building Neural Networks in R for Political Research”

Shannon O’Brien: “Donald Trump and the Weaponization of Going Public”

Ami Pedahzur: “Reassessing the Qualitative Foundations of Quantitative Research: A Roadmap”

German Petersen: “A Shocks and Punctuation Model of Anti-Corruption Reform: Evidence from Mexico”

Annelise Russell: “Sit Still, Look Pretty? In Congress”

Laura Seay: Roundtable – “How to Write About Your Research for the Monkey Cage”

Zeynep Somer-Topcu: “Dynamic Responsiveness to Party Policy Rhetoric”

Zeynep Somer-Topcu and Daniel Weitzel: “Electoral Consequences of Valence Rhetoric in Europe”

Christian Sorace: Roundtable – “State-Society Relations in Changing China: Engaging New Works in the Field”

Bat Sparrow: “The ‘Third Founding’: White Hierarchy and the Origins of the United States”

Andy Stravers: “Installation Polarization”

Joe Tafoya: “Bridging Gaps in Participation: Risk Attitudes and Minority Voter Turnout”

Sean Theriault: Roundtable – “Congress and President Trump in an Age of Discontent”

Trey Thomas: “Mobilization of Disease: Patients, Advocacy, and American Health Policy”

Jeff Tulis: Author Meets Critics: “Legacies of Losing in American Politics”

Brian Wampler: Roundtable – “What is the Role of Participatory Institutions Within Representative Democracy?”

Catherine Weaver: “The Shadow of Bretton Woods;’ Future”

Rachel Wellhausen: “Judicial Economy and Selection Effects in International Investment Law”

Kurt Weyland: “Radical Counterrevolution: The Politics of Fascism”

Chris Wlezien: “Tracking and Evaluating Media Coverage of Public Policy”

Cathy Wu: “Strategic Ambiguity: Mobilizing Public Support in Crisis Bargaining”

Wenhui Yang: “Does Ethnic Autonomy Help Avoid a Resource Curse in China?”

Charles Zug: “Daniel Shays and the Question of Oligarchy at the American Founding”