Longhorn MPSA 2018 Papers

Christina Bambrick: “Bringing Equality to Civil Society: The Politics of Horizontal Effect in India and the United States”

Abe Barranca and Christine Bird: “Reading Between the Lines or Legitimacy through Language: Public Opinion and the Supreme Court”

Abe Barranca: “Freeing Speech from Hate: Do Restrictions on Illiberal Speech Indicate a Propensity Toward State Illiberality?”

Thomas Bell: “Treaties, Executive Agreements, and the Constitution’s Political Architecture”

Zach Bennett: “Rousseau’s Citizen”

Christine Bird: “Saving Sovereignty: Native American Lobbying Coalitions”

Ross Buchanan: “Policy Implementation Responsiveness to Public Participation in an Authoritarian Regime”

Alison Craig: “Lone Wolves and Team Players: Policy Collaboration Networks and Legislative Effectiveness in the House of Representatives”

Theodore Charm, Tse-min Lin, and Chun-ying Wu: “Symbolic, Pragmatic, and Irrational Politics in Taiwan”

Lindsay Dun: “Going Negative Online: The Political Impact of Campaign Attacks on Facebook”

Maraam Dwidar: “When the Lines Go Down: Agency Priorities Under Stopgap Budgeting”

Maraam Dwidar: “Interest Group Coalition Building, Diversity, and Policy Outcomes”

David Edwards: “New Technologies, New Social Movements, and New Challenges to Political Representation”

Rebecca Eissler: “A Juggler’s Choice: A Study of Presidential Trade-Offs on Policy Attention”

Derek Epp: “Policing the Powerless: How Black Political Power Reduces Racial Disparities in Traffic Stops Outcomes”

EJ Fagan: “Ideologues and Technocrats: Solution Selection and Congressional Problem Solving”

Megan Farrell and Iasmin Goes: “The Effect of Immigration Shocks on Trade Preferences: Evidence from the European Migration Crisis”

Rachel German: “Jack of All Trades, Master of None: How Jurisdictional Clarity Affects Committee Influence on Agency Behavior”

Joanne Ibarra: “The Substantive Nature of Latino Party Images”

Kyosuke Kikuta: “Does Electoral Participation Bring Peace? An Instrumental Variable Analysis Empowered by Near-far Matching”

Sarat Krishnan: “Causes and Consequences of Judicial Activism in India”

David Leal and Joe Tafoya: “Fatalism: Are there Political Implications for Latinos (and Others)?”

Tse-min Lin: “Spatial Econometrics and the Study of Regionalism: The Case of Korea”

Bob Luskin: “The Waters of Casablanca: Defining and Measuring Political Misinformation”

Bob Luskin and Daron Shaw: “Under-Forecasting the Republican Vote? A Tale of Campaign Spending and Partisan Homecoming across Two Eras”

Bob Luskin and Yul Min Park: “Misinformation about Misinformation? Of Headlines and Survey Design”

Eric McDaniel: “Christian Nationalism and Anti-Immigration Attitudes in the Trump Era”

Zach McGee: “The Influence of Ideological Factions on the Congressional Agenda”

Philip Moniz: “Political Knowledge and Competent Preference Formation”

Shannon Bow O’Brien: “Weaponizing Going Public: Donald Trump and Media”

German Petersen: “A Shocks and Punctuation Model of Anti-Corruption Reform: Evidence from Mexico”

Julie Phillips and Carolina Moehlecke: “Upheaval Effects: Foreign Direct Investment and Employment in Transition Economies”

Tasha Philpot and Daron Shaw: “The Effect of Co-ethnic Population Density on African American Political Behavior”

Brian Richter: “The Value of Political Geography”

Annelise Russell: “Tough Choices: Senators’ Legislative Activities in 140 Characters”

Annelise Russell: “Sit Still, Look Pretty?”

Brooke Shannon: “Keep Austin Diverse: How District Representation Affects the Agenda of City Council”

Brooke Shannon: “Reforming Local Institutions: Public Opinion and the Police”

Zeynep Somer-Topcu: “Go to the Voters or Wait for the Voters to Come to You? The Electoral Consequences of European Parties’ Perceived Left-Right Shifts”

Zeynep Somer-Topcu: “Dynamic Responsiveness to Party Policy Rhetoric”

Joe Tafoya: “Bridging Gaps in Participation: Risk Attitudes and Latino Voter Turnout”

Joe Tafoya: “Partisan Learning or Racial Learning: Opinion Change on Sanctuary City Policy Preferences in California and Texas”

Sean Theriault: “Problem Creators in Congress”

Christopher Wlezien: “Tracking the Coverage of Public Policy in Mass Media”

Wenhui Yang: “The Divergence of Informal Institutions in Rural China”

Charles Zug: “Demagoguery and the American Presidency: A Preliminary Investigation”