Longhorn 2016 APSA Papers

Wednesday, Aug. 31


Database and Website Development for Public Policy: The Comparative Policy Agendas Project
Bryan Jones


A Political Primer on the Periodic State Constitutional Convention Referendum
Sanford Levinson

Thursday, Sept. 1


Agenda Convergence in Congressional Campaigns
Danny Hayes

The Movement for Black Lives: Analysis, Vision, Strategy
Juliet Hooker

How does Property Tax Reform Affect Citizen-Government Relations in China?
Xiaobo Lu

The Political Economy of Sovereign Debt Issues
Rachel Wellhausen


Hamilton: The Musical
Sanford Levinson

Messy Data, Robust Inference? Assessing New Bayesian and Non-Parametric Techniques
Pete Mohanty and Robert Shaffer


State Interests and Ethnic Land Rights Enforcement in Latin America
Giorleny Altamirano Rayo

Assessing Climate Security Vulnerability in Asia
Joshua Busby

The “NIMBY” Effect and Support for International Legal Institutions
Terry Chapman

Fighting Over Membership: Party Competition and Citizenship Policy in Europe
John Graeber

Is the Federalist Relevant to 21st Century Concerns
Sanford Levinson


Presidents and Proliferation: Nuclear Foreign Policy and Executive Control
Sarat Krishnan

Sex, Bipartisanship, and Collaboration in the U.S. Congress
Sean Theriault

Friday, Sept. 2


The Effect of Co-Ethnic Churches on Latino and Asian American Political Attitudes
Alvaro Jose Corral

Keeping up with Georgians: Manipulation of Investment Competitiveness Indexes
Nate Jensen

How Deliberation Changes Policy Attitudes: Learning versus Diversity
Robert Luskin and Pete Mohanty

The Donor Scramble: Aid Transparency and the Power of Global Rankings
Catherine Weaver

Beyond Manifestos: How Voters infer Policy Positions based on Party Interactions
Chris Wlezien

International Negotiations and the Repression-Dissent Nexus
Scott Wolford

How Election Campaigns affect Voter Perceptions of Party Positions
Zeynep Somer-Topcu


Unintended Consequences: State Governance, Secessionist Movements, and Instability in Georgia and Moldova
Julie George

Facebook Subject Recruitment: Experimental Evidence from Turkey
Kimberly Guiler

An Alternative Method to Studying Terrorism
Ami Pedahzur

Covert Corporate Political Activity and Shareholder Value
Timothy Werner


What’s Cooking in Washington: Interest Group Lobbying Strategy and Food Policy
Clare Brock

Great Power War, Critical Junctures, and International Political Structure
Pat McDonald


How Vote Buying Affects Vote Choices
Kenneth Greene

Proportional Representation and the Election of Women and Ethnic Minorities
Stephanie Holmsten and Robert Moser

Race and Popular Sovereignty in the American Political Imaginary
Juliet Hooker

Saturday, Sept. 3


Rousseau on the Psychological Origins of Piety
Zachary Bennett

The Instrumental Uses of Norms in International Politics
Joshua Busby

How Can Scholars Cooperate to Develop and Enrich Concepts?
Zach Elkins

Using Auxiliary Information and Expert Knowledge
Stephen Jessee

Newspaper Endorsements and Election Outcomes: A State-Level Prediction Model
John McIver

The Constitution and Presidential Election 2016: Would a Dose of it Help?
Jeff Tulis

Election Forecasting and Lead Time: Too Far Out?
Chris Wlezeien

Learning Audience’s Resolve: Endogenous Publicity and Crisis Bargaining
Cathy Wu


Political Mobilization of Turkish Immigrant Organizations in Germany
Ayca Arkilic

Militarization and Democratic Oversight in Mexico and Colombia
Jacob Dizard

Democracy, Quality of Government, and Human Development
John Gerring

China in the US Defense Supply Chain: New Kinds of Dependence and Vulnerability?
Eugene Gholz

Campaign Effects in Latin America’s Democracies
Kenneth Greene

Political Voice and the People Who Use It
Roderick Hart

Naturalization as Mobilization: State Variations in Naturliazation Petitions
David Leal

Anti-Corruption Campaigns and Migrant Attitudes: Evidence from Romania
Amy Liu

Online versus Face-to-Face Deliberation
Robert Luskin

It’s in the Measure: How Policy Measures Affect State Immigrant Policy Research
Michael Rivera


Pandering Upward: Tax Incentives and Credit Claiming in Authoritarian Countries
Nate Jensen

Immigrant and Minority “Nones”: Politically Isolated or Engaged in Politics?
David Leal


Disobedient Markets: Street Vendors and State Intervention in Collective Action
Calla Hummel

Does the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention Work? Foreign Investor Behavior in Vietnam
Nate Jensen

To Stay Neutral or Not When Teaching the 2016 Election: Ethical and Pedagogical Challenges
David Leal

Congressional Dysfunction and the Decline of Problem Solving
Jonathan Lewallen, Sean Theriault, and Bryan Jones

Beyond the Balance Sheet: An Organizational Justice Model of Regime Support
Matthew Rhodes-Purdy


Christian Identity in American Politics
Bethany Albertson

Governing with Courts: The Political Origins of Constitutional Justice
Dan Brinks and Abby Blass

Territorial Control and Violence Against Civilians
Michael Findley

Affective Polarization in Presidential Politics
Marc Hetherington

Supreme Court Roundtable
Sanford Levinson

Sunday, Sept. 4


Democratic Legitimacy and Partisans’ Perceptions of Each Other
John Bullock

Postal Services and Development: An Infrastructural Story
John Gerring


Modeling Spending Preferences and Public Policy
Alex Branham and Stephen Jessee

Brutal Externalities: How Repression Increases International Conflict
Calla Hummel

Constructing Refugees on the Campaign Trail
Rachel Navarre

A Roundtable About Policy Feedback, Path Dependency, and Political Behavior
Chris Wlezien