McCormack Wins Bremer Best Paper Award

Daniel McCormack has been awarded the Stuart A. Bremer Award for the best graduate student paper delivered at the 2014 Peace Science Society meeting. The award brings travel support of $1500 to present the paper at the 2015 European Peace Science meeting, typically held in June at the Jan Tinbergen Institute in Amsterdam.

Paper: Presence and Promise: Strategic Foreign Aid and Foreign-Induced Regime Change

Abstract: This paper considers the relationship between foreign aid and leader security. I argue that while the presence of aid increases leader security, the expectation of aid in the future can cause domestic instability. Through analysis of a formal model, I establish conditions under which the promise of foreign aid in the future generates incentives for political competition. This mechanism depends on the existence of domestic institutions that allow the private expropriation of rents from foreign aid. Using data on bilateral U.S. economic aid, I present two empirical findings that bolster the results of the theoretical model. First, the promise of aid in the future increases the risk of leader turnover, but only in states that do not provide many public goods. Second, leaders that currently receive aid are at a lowered risk of losing office.