Recent PhDs Awarded

Justin Dyer
Dissertation: After the Revolution: Natural Law and the Antislavery Constitutional Tradition
Supervisor: Gary Jacobsohn

Darrin Hanson
Dissertation: American Civil Religion: Continuity and Change
Supervisor: J. Budziszewski

Chih-shian Liou
Dissertation: The Politics of China’s “Going-Out” Strategy: Overseas Expansion of Central State-Owned Enterprises.
Supervsior: Patricia Maclachlan

Chih-cheng (Almong) Meng
Dissertation: Currency and Political Choice: Analytical Political Economy of Exchange Rate Policy in East Asia
Supervisors: Mel Hinich and Brian Roberts

Curt Nichols
Dissertation: The Governing Cycle and the Dynamics of New Majority Formation
Supervisor: Jeff Tulis

Kris Seago
Dissertation: News as Entertainment: Seduction or Distraction? Supervisor: Bob Luskin