Recent PhDs Awarded

Manuel Balán
Dissertation: Today’s Allies, Tomorrow’s Enemies? The Political Dynamics of Corruption Scandals in Latin America
Supervisor: Kurt Weyland

Matthew Cohen
Dissertation: Bargaining and Fighting in the Moonlight
Supervisors: Tse-min Lin and Harrison Wagner

N. Susanne Martin
Dissertation: From Parliamentarianism to Terrorism and Back Again
Supervisors: Rob Moser and Ami Pedahzur

Mohammed Malley
Dissertation: The Political Impact of Islamic Banking in Jordan
Supervisor: Clement Henry

Ernest McGowen
Dissertation: The Brave New World: The Social and Participatory Behaviors of the Modern Suburban African American
Supervisor: Tasha Philpot

Robert Parks
Dissertation: Local-National Relations and the Politics of Property Rights in Algeria and Tunisia
Supervisor: Clement Henry

Daniel Ryan
Dissertation: Democratic Governance and the Courts: The Political Sources of the Judicialization of Public Policy in Argentina
Supervisor: Dan Brinks

Mary Slosar
Dissertation: The Power of Personality: Candidate-Centered Voting in Comparative Perspective
Supervisor: Robert Luskin