Recent PhDs Awarded

Eduardo Dargent: “Technocracy Under Democracy: Assessing the Political
Autonomy of Experts in Latin America”
Supervisor: Kurt Weyland

Michael Dennis: “Attitudes in Transition: Chechen Refugees and the Politics of Violence”
Supervisor: Rob Moser

Laura Field: “Writing in Blood: Compassion, Character, and Popular Rhetoric in Rousseau and Nietzsche”
Supervisor: Tom Pangle

Patrick Hickey: “Shades of Grey: Constituencies, Electoral Incentives, and the
President’s Legislative Agenda”
Supervisor: Sean Theriault

Joel Parker: “Randomness and Legitimacy in Selecting Democratic Representatives”
Supervisor: Sanford Levinson and Russell Muirhead

Scott Truelove: “Plato and Thucydides on Athenian Imperialism”
Supervisor: Thomas Seung

Matthew Wright: “A Vindication of Politics: Political Association and Human
Supervisor: J. Budziszewski