Recent PhDs Awarded

Roy Germano
Dissertation: “The Political Economy of Remittances: Emigration, Social Insurance Provision, and Political Behavior in Mexico.”
Advisor: Kurt Weyland

Greg Michener
Dissertation: “The Surrender of Secrecy: Explaining the Emergence of Strong Access to Information Laws in Latin America.”
Advisor: Raúl Madrid

Rodrigo Nunes
Dissertation: “Ideal Justice in Latin America: Interests, Ideas, and the Political Origins of Judicial Activism in Brazil and Colombia.”
Advisor: Kurt Weyland

Arthur Shuster
Dissertation: “Ancient and Modern Approaches to the Question of Punishment: Hobbes, Kant and Plato.”
Advisor: Thomas Pangle

Brenna Troncoso
Dissertation: “The Pursuit of Public Interest Litigation in Argentina and Bolivia.”
Advisors: David Braybrooke and H.W. Perry

Rodrigo Velazquez
Dissertation: “Buying Discretion in Mexico’s New Democracy: Patronage in Bureaucratic-Legislative Relations.”
Advisor: Kurt Weyland

Jolie Wood
Dissertation: “White-Collar Agitation, No-Collar Compliance: The Privilege of Protest in Varanasi, India.” Advisors: Clement Henry and Philip Oldenberg