Recent PhDs Awarded

Ph.D.s awarded since August 2008:

Neal Allen
Dissertation: The Effect of a Supreme Court Opinion Outside the Judicial System: An Analysis of Brown V. Board of Education and the American South
Supervisor: H.W. Perry

Mijeong Baek
Dissertation: Political Communication Systems and Voter Participation
Supervisor: Daron Shaw

Jennifer Bean
Dissertation: Institutional Responses To Terrorism: The Domestic Role of the Military in Consolidated
Supervisor: Zoltan Barany

Steven Bilakovics
Dissertation: Constituting Political Freedom and the Democratic Way of Life
Supervisor: Jeff Tulis

Odysseas Christou
Dissertation: The Ties That Bind: Norms, Networks, Information, and the Organization of Political Violence
Supervisor: Harrison Wagner

David Crow
Dissertation: Citizen Disenchantment in New Democracies: The Case of Mexico
Supervisor: Bob Luskin

Donald Inbody
Dissertation: Grand Army of the Republic or Grand Army of the Republicans? Political Party and Ideological Preferences of American Enlisted Personnel
Supervisor: Bat Sparrow

Julie Lane
Dissertation: Recognizing Rape
Supervisor: Ben Gregg

Clarisa Pérez-Armendáriz
Dissertation: Do Migrants Remit Democratic Beliefs and Behaviors? A Theory of Migrant-Led International Diffusion
Supervisors: Kurt Weyland and Gary Freeman

Ayesha Ray
Dissertation: Political Masters and Sentinels: Commanding the Allegiance of the Soldier in India
Supervisor: Harrison Wagner

Laura Seay
Dissertation: Authority at Twilight: Civil Society, Social Services, and the State in the Eastern DemocraticRepublic of Congo
Supervisor: Catherine Boone